Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Treatment in Frankfurt Germany

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Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Treatment in Frankfurt Germany

Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Treatment in Frankfurt, Germany

Were you diagnosed with prostate cancer? Are you in search of a flawless, complete treatment package? The prostate cancer treatment package available in Germany may be the option you were looking for.

The Prostate Cancer Center was founded in 2010 and is located in Frankfurt, Germany. One of the clinic’s main goals is the further development of minimally-invasive diagnostic techniques and therapies for prostate cancer as well as making them fully available for both local and international; patients.

Scientists and engineers collaborate closely, performing the most advanced methods for the diagnosis and therapy of prostate cancer.

This has been possible by establishing a close interdisciplinary collaboration between Urologists, Pathologists, Radiologists, Anaesthesiologists and Scientists from Europe, USA and Asia.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men. In men over age 50 years, some prostate tissue changes might occur – these changes lead to an increased volume of the prostate. Prostate enlargement can cause a narrowing of the urinary tract, which leads to a weaker jet of urine and a need for frequent urination. The cancerous tumours’ can appear simultaneously and independently of the signs mentioned above, and it’s not conditioned by lifestyle or sexual activity.

The possibility, potential, and outcome of the treatments for prostate cancer will be based on the stage of cancer diagnosis’ time.

What is the cost of the prostate cancer treatment?

At Prostate Cancer Center (Frankfurt, Germany), the prostate cancer treatment package depends on the procedures undergone by each patient, as it follows:

  • MRI (endorectal coile, diffusion weighted imaging following a special protocol): about $1,435 (1,300 EUR)
  • IRE Treatment: about $17,660 (16,000 EUR)
  • 3D-biopsy (if needed): about $6,622 (6,000 EUR) (depending on the size of the prostate)

The treatment offered by the clinic - IRE/NanoKnife - is, at the moment, the method with less side effects than (almost any) others.

Benefits of the prostate cancer treatment:

  • Has less side effects than almost any other treatment methofs
  • Provides successful outcomes - most of the times - and specific data (in terms of diagnosis and staging)
  • The recovery period is quick
  • The complication risk is low
  • Minimal scarring

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