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Top Tier Meniscus Repair in Jalisco Mexico

Package Price: $5000
Treatment: Orthopedic/Knee Surgery, Meniscus Repair
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Top-Tier Meniscus Repair in Jalisco, Mexico

Top-Tier Meniscus Repair in Jalisco, Mexico


Are you dealing with meniscus tears? Do you experience knee pain or catching? The Meniscus Repair package in Mexico can restore tears and get you rid of the pain and discomfort!


Dr. Gustavo Ramirez's clinic (located in Jalisco, Mexico) is a well known, modern orthopaedic center which offers top-range medical care to its patients. The clinic is extendedly focusing on training and development of technological approaches applied to medicine in order to provide world-class, integrated medical services. The specialized, highly trained and experienced medical team is comprised of medical professionals who are continuously concerned about providing flawless care for the patient's health and well being.

The knee is the largest and most complex joint of the human body. Because it is so used, it is also highly vulnerable to the appearance of lesions.

The meniscus tear is among the most common injuries of the knee. Not only athletes and those who practice contact sports are at risk of a meniscus rupture, but anyone at any age, may face such an issue.

The meniscus repair is a surgical procedure used to repair meniscus tear and to trim parts of the meniscus that cannot be repaired and which can cause pain or catching inside the knee.

It is possible that after the, surgery the doctor will recommend immobilization with cast or knee brace.

Subsequently, an orthopaedic doctor or physical therapist will tell you what exercises you can do for a proper recovery. It is necessary to perform these exercises regularly in order to restore the knee’s mobility and strength. You’ll start with exercises that will increase the mobility and the recovery plan will be progressively including muscle toning exercises (fortification).


Meniscus repair is highly recommended for:


  • Patients struggling with meniscus tears
  • Patients who experience pain and catching within the knee
  • People who have irreparable meniscus parts


Conditions that might make the meniscus repair an option:


  • Meniscus tears
  • Irreparable meniscus parts


Price Package of Meniscus Repair in Jalisco, Mexico

What is the cost of the meniscus repair?


At Dr. Gustavo Ramirez's clinic (Jalisco, Mexico) the meniscus repair package costs $5,000- $8,000 – the clinic can use anchorage or do a regularization of the meniscus.

The package includes:

  • 2 Hospital days
  • Medical fees
  • Rent of equipment and prosthesis.


Benefits of the meniscus repair:


  • Repairs meniscus tears
  • Releases pain and catching experienced within the knee
  • Trims meniscus parts which are irreparable
  • Improves mobility
  • Improves strength
  • Improves the patient’s life and well being


Forget about the pain and discomfort! Find out everything you need to know about the meniscus repair package available at Dr. Gustavo Ramirez's clinic! Contact us!


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