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Best 2 Weeks Weightloss Program in Croatia


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2 Weeks Weight Loss Program a Package by Terme Selce

2 Weeks Weight Loss Program in Selce, Croatia

Our program is designed for you to be healthier and be able to enjoy food in a different level. You will have three main meals and at least 2 snacks.

You will lose body weight safely and without starving with the famous Mediterranean diet!!

In combination with physical activity, and specific therapies for remodeling the critical areas of your body, will improve your appearance, recover energy and confidence.

Upon the recommendation of specialist doctors and patients' agreement, we monitor status of:

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG),
  • 24-hour Holter heart and blood pressure,
  • Bicycle - Ergometry,
  • Heart ultrasound with color Doppler,
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of head blood vessels TCD,
  • Color Doppler neck blood vessels and Doppler gate periphery,
  • Belly ultrasound and small bowls,
  • Laboratory analysis,
  • Densitometry,
  • Body composition analyzer,
  • Computer analysis of diet,
  • Vitamin and mineral test

Why this Program?

  • We know how it is difficult to loose desired five kg and get from 166 kg to 80 kg.
  • We'll determine for you, the ammount of optimal entry of the calories.
  • We'll arrange meals in hotels and restaurants.
  • We'll teach you how to prepare meals at home.
  • We'll help you to improve your body and appearence.
  • We'll create for you a specific physical activity program.

Best Weight Loss Program - Terme Selce

Package Includes:

  • Medical Examination and Diagnosis
  • Daily monitoring
  • Final Recommendation
  • Different Therapeutic Procedures
  • Individual Education on Health and Optimized Diet
  • Full Board
  • Single Occupancies
  • Targeted and adapted physical activity
  • Psycological support

Our programmes are recognised by professional and non professional sportsmen, showbiz individuals, managers and tourists from all over the World.

About Terme Selce

Terme Selce Health and Sports Center, offers a unique formula for taking care of your health, enjoy wellness, improve fitness, or recover after illness or surgery, in the middle of the beautiful Croatia.

In past two decades we have developed effective programmes, that enable quick recovery and increase treatment results, diagnostics and prevention, physical medicine and rehabilitation, sports medicine, and medical wellness.

Constant professional experience & development, teamwork and individual approach to patients, with the application of high technology, are leading principles in our work, in order to achieve optimal recovery of our patients in the shortest time possible.

Let us help you to feel better!

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