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Stem Cell Treatment of Cardiovascular System Diseases in Kiev, Ukraine

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Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Disease
Associated Center: Institute of Cell Therapy
Focus Area: Heart Diseases Stem Cell Treatment | Cardiovascular Diseases Stem Cell Treatment | Stem Cell Therapy | Kiev | Ukraine

Heart Diseases Stem Cell Treatment, Cardiovascular Diseases Stem Cell Treatment, Stem Cell Therapy, Kiev, Ukraine

Stem Cell Treatment of Cardiovascular System Diseases in Kiev, Ukraine

Exclusive Stem Cell Treatment of Cardiovascular System Diseases in Kiev, Ukraine

The Institute of Cell Therapy provides advanced stem ell treatment which has helped in bringing hundreds of actual positive changes in the lives of patients who were diagnosed with hypertension, vascular atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathy, post-infarction cardiosclerosis and critical lower limb ischemia.
Stem Cell cardiovascular disease treatment naturally restores the tissue of heart and blood vessels, provides metabolism correction and regulation of body weight. It also normalizes arterial pressure, contributes to the disappearance of edemas and pain, healthy sleep and improves the quality of life in general.
Their comprehensive treatment method involves the administration of intravenous stem cells that leads to:
  • Myocardium recovery
  • Regeneration of the inner walls of blood vessels at the macro- and micro-levels
  • Cellular nutrition of the heart muscle, liver, lungs, kidneys and lower limbs
  • Normalization of heart rhythm
  • Improvement of vital activity of all organs and body systems
  • Improvement of heart failure symptoms (edema, dyspnea, tachycardia)
  • Increase in the ejection fraction of the heart

The treatment program is designed for 5 days and includes:

  • Medical consultation and examination of your physician
  • Laboratory testing
  • Intravenous administration of stem cells.
  • Treatment procedures: intravenous infusion of hepatoprotectors, antioxidants and vitamins
  • Drugs and supplements depending on patient's condition and diagnosis.
  • Injections of placenta extract.
  • Manual treatments, cosmetology procedures, including masks with placenta
They also provide patients with the following services, included in the cost of the treatment program:
  • Treatment and all related services
  • 3 meals daily in the clinic
  • Airport-clinic/hotel-airport transfer
  • Interpreter services in the clinic
  • Visa support
The price of the packages is provided by request.

Why Choose Institute of Cell Therapy?

  • The hospital is the world's first cell therapy clinic, it was founded in 2004.
  • All these years, they have treated many patients from over the world.
  • Uses three types of stem cells, which are Embryonic stem cells (fetal), Cord stem cells and Mesenchymal stem cells isolated from placenta
  • Methods of the cell therapy, that developed and used in the clinic, are helping to save and prolong our patients' lives, to restore different organs and tissues and to achieve positive results in treating diseases and conditions that were considered incurable.
  • They have modern facilities and high-class professionals working in this field.
  • Professional translators from different languages are also available


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