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Struggling with a Cancer Diagnosis?

We’ve all heard, and been shocked, at the cost of common cancer treatment drugs these days. How can anyone afford that? Costs for Avastin may range approximately $4,400 a month and Herceptin averages $3,000 a month. Newer drugs are even more expensive. How in the world is a blue-collar employee, or even a white-collar one, to afford that, ...

Who Benefits from a Tummy Tuck?

Many women benefit from tummy tuck procedures, but should be advised that it should not be used as a substitute to proper exercise and nutrition. Women who have experienced a large weight loss or who don't plan on becoming pregnant in the future are good candidates for this technique. Prime candidates are non-smokers, those in good he...

Who should have a Bilateral Total Knee Replacement?

The most common reason for a Bilateral Total Knee Replacement is severe arthritis in both knees which are symptomatic interfering with the patient's activities of daily living and reducing the quality of life. Usually complaints are worst with weight bearing activities, as standing and walking. Untreated, knee arthritis is usually painful, f...

What prosthesis do I use?

Use only standard prosthesis. These are all imported by the same international companies. The costs of the prosthesis are cheaper in India. These are a) NexGen prosthesis from Zimmer LPS  flex fixed  & mobile bearing b) Genesis metal & Oxinium, Journey metal & Oxinium ( Smith & Nephew ) c) PFC from ...

What is the most common Ear Surgery procedure technique?

Before surgery can occur, a patient might need to undergo medical evaluations if it is determined necessary by the surgeon in order to discuss potential for goals and desires being met. Any medications a prospective ear surgery patient is currently taking might be adjusted if deemed necessary by the surgeon, and any over the counter drugs that can ...
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