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PlacidWay Develops Relationship with US-Based Podiatrist - by: PlacidWay | Laser Foot Surgery Institute

PlacidWay has recently developed a relationship with the Laser Foot Surgery Institute, marking a new foray into the focused American market for laser foot surgery procedures.


Light in sight - by: Neerja Singh | Destinations of the World News

A relatively quiet incident is set to revolutionise medical tourism in the United States and beyond, with the industry getting the nod from a major American insurance company.


The trend for international medical procedures, treatments and surgeries abroad are expanding among the American and British healthcare markets. Medical tourism has provided an avenue for Canadians, Britons, and Americans fed up with the high costs of healthcare services to travel cross-border and exotic destinations to reduce medical costs and wait times. According to the United States Census Bureau, nearly 47 million Americans had no medical insurance as of 2005. Statistics in Britain and Canada are alarming as well. Global healthcare has become a very viable option and alternative to address those seeking orthopedic treatments and surgeries.


To provide full-service, high-quality, and affordable medical treatments in Panama, PlacidWay, a leading health and wellness tourism company, has announced its partnership with South Seas Pharmaceuticals. The agreement includes wide range of procedures such as orthopedics, cosmetic/plastic surgery, ophthalmology, orthodontics, bariatric, angiograms, and spa treatments for those who want to be pampered.


Hip replacements in Chennai's Hip Knee & Shoulder centre cuts your medical bills by one half to one fourth compared to the UK, USA and Canada. Clean hospitals, modern operating theatre, painless recovery, and fun filled holidays make your surgical holiday in India worth remembering.


To meet the growing demands of international patients looking for high quality and low cost medical solutions, PlacidWay, a leading health and wellness tourism company, has announced a strategic alliance with India’s Knee Surgery Centre. Knee Surgery Centre, provides patients throughout the world with high-quality, cost-effective orthopedic care including knee, shoulder, and hip surgery.


Are you concerned about increasing rate of MRSA in Europe? Are you looking to improve your vision to see serene Scandinavian surroundings? Are you looking for a fertility clinic that is compassionate? People from Europe, US and Canada are going to Scandinavian country to seek latest in medical tourism.

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