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Recovery Center Chetica is an ultimate recovery retreat center located in San Jose, Costa Rica offering premier suites and packages along with health solutions inclusive of best doctors and 24/7 health supervision.
PlacidWay Costa Rica is the only company in Costa Rica with the expertise and professionalism to deliver outstanding wellness tourism services, always going the extra mile over and above expectations offering treatments such as plastic surgery, dental treatment, heart surgery, eye lasik surgery and a lot more.

Centro Pediatrico Kidoz

San Jose, Costa Rica
Centro Pediatrico Kidoz is located in the beautiful San Jose, Costa Rica. The Centro Pediatrico Kidoz specializes in Homeopathy Treatment, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery, Alternative Medicine, Pediatric Treatment, General Medicine, ENT, Dentistry, Psychiatry, Urology. Centro Pediatrico Kidoz is dedicated to the constant pursuit of excellence, committed to high quality medical care, featuring experienced and trained professionals and using the latest technology. In order to contact the medical center, please fill out the contact form.
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