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Surface-Repair-Treatments, Skin-Care medical centers in Buenos-Aires, Argentina

If you are trying to find new ways to improve the quality of life or you have a condition need requiring medical attention, a social desire and motivation to enhance the way you look, or a secret wish to seek self-improvement through alternative or traditional health care methods, PlacidWay Argentina Medical Tourism offers lots of options from which you can choose from.

Barrancas Medical Center

Buenos Aires, Argentina
One of the most recognized and well known Plastic Surgery and Laser Centers in Buenos Aires… with high standard staff of plastic surgeons and dermatologists specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, dermatological and Laser treatments. The center’s director, Abel Chajchir, MD, is one of the most prestigious Plastic Surgeons of Argentina . The Center specializes on: Endoscopic Plastic Surgery, Breast Reduction, Breast Reconstruction, Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation, among many other treatments.

Bella Center

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bella Center is a medical center created to provide plastic surgery services in Argentina. We offer excellent medical service of high professional training body aesthetics.

Clinica Robles

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Clinica Robles is located in the beautiful Belgrano, Ciudad De Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Clinica Robles specializes in Skin Care. Clinica Robles is dedicated to the constant pursuit of excellence, committed to high quality medical care, featuring experienced and trained professionals and using the latest technology. In order to contact the medical center, please fill out the contact form.

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Clinica Robles Plastic Surgery Clinic and Cosmetic Surgery Center

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Clínica Robles, Plastic Surgery, has been outstanding due to its excellence in medical matters and the seriousness of its work. Dr. Robles, a well-known physician around the world, it engages in the study and development of new techniques to improve different specialties.

Marcelo Di Maggio & Team

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Marcelo Di Maggio Surgery located in Buenos Aires, Argentina is among the top cosmetic surgery clinics in the country. The hospital offers a wide variety of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery procedures.

Medcorp Limited

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Our aim is to provide patient-centered quality health care by promoting satisfaction to Customers, Employees, and Shareholders.

Refresh Med

Buenos Aires, Argentina
We have selected the cream of the crop surgeons from South America. We have done our homework and have a proven record of success.
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