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Stem cell therapy and technologies are advancing day by day. Heart conditions are among the many conditions where stem cell research and development shows positive and effective gains. Mexico is renowned for its top-notch medical centers that specialize in stem cell therapies for heart conditions. ?
PlacidMexico perfectly combines healthcare with exotic travel options in Mexico at affordable prices. If you are trying new ways to improve or preserve your health through traditional or alternative health methods or if you have a condition that requires medical attention PlacidMexico offers a variety of options for you to choose.
Patrick McCready

Initial contact informed me that there were going to be 3 quotes. The first quote did not provide much detail, but I did note the prosthesis to be used was the recent subject of a class-action lawsuit (2018). The second quote only consisted of the surgeons qualifications, nothing further. The third quote never materialized beyond the surgeons name. I later received a phone call from PlacidWay, but the person was difficult to understand. I will not be using the services of PlacidWay.

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