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  • Shannon C 2019-01-25 Houston, TX

    Let me start by saying I’m sure that the people that reviewed had a great experience. I was not so lucky. I had a breast reduction, implants (which were removed ten days later), tummy tuck, inner thigh lift and arm lift. Also paid for lipo to smooth everything out. What I ended up with are uneven breasts (by a cup), my elbows weren’t lipo’d, which I specifically asked for so they are bigger than my arm, indentions where fat was removed roughly, a fat roll that actually sits on top of my waist (so confused about this), and an indention on my inner thigh that will now prevent me from swimming, wearing shorts and wearing tights. This is all so embarrassing and frustrating. I’ve spent so much money on these surgeries and after-care and subsequent care for a hematoma that wasn’t taken care of. I’m seven months post-op and I still have a hole in my breast on the incision line. The back of my hips were lipo’d leaving them knotty and dented but the area above wasn’t seen to so there’s a fat pocket above that. I have actually never seen, in all my research, a tummy tuck that was contoured so indelicately. I used to have an hour-glass shape. I don’t even know what my shape is now. The tummy tuck was for the shelf that sits over a c-section scar. My right side is significantly bigger than the left. I have a dog ear. My waist is uneven on each side. I’ve emailed the doctor many, many times. First my breasts were uneven because my shoulders were crooked. Then the right was was bigger because of skin elasticity. The breasts are uneven because they were cut and sewn several times due to the hematoma. Every time I’ve emailed them, it’s basically been a body deficiency on my part. They quoted me over 2k to revise my breasts. I don’t even want to know how much it would be to correct the rest. You can see the butchery in the photos below. I’m disgusted with my body. I’m completely embarrassed by how terrible this looks. I don’t even want to consider the amount of money I spent on this atrocity. My advice is to find another surgeon if you are having work done to your body.

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