What is the cost for an endoscopic discectomy procedure?

A discectomy is at its most basic definition, removal of a vertebral disc.  A discectomy may be performed in the lumbar, or lower back region, the thoracic, or middle back, and cervical or neck regions of the spine.

The discectomy procedure itself defines removal of a vertebral disc and may be used in the:

  • lumbar, or lower back region
  • thoracic, or middle back
  • cervical or neck regions

Endoscopic Discectomy is a minimally invasive spine surgery technique that utilizes an endoscope to treat herniated or degenerative discs that are a contributing factor to leg and back pain. The endoscope allows the surgeon to use a “keyhole” incision to access the herniated disc. Muscle and tissue are dilated rather than being cut when accessing the disc. The excellent visualization via the endoscope permits the surgeon to selectively remove a portion of the herniated disc that is contributing to the patients’ leg and back pain.

This procedure leads to:

  • Less tissue destruction
  • Less postoperative pain
  • Quicker recovery times
  • Earlier rehabilitation
  • Avoidance of general anesthesia

Costs for Endoscopic Discectomy Worldwide

In the United States, you can expect an endoscopic discectomy to cost between $15,000 USD and $25,000 USD, but costs may rise depending on geographical location, approach, and the severity of disk damage.  Costs may also rise depending on diagnostics, imaging, medications, or therapies involved in treatment. Patients traveling to foreign destinations such as India, South Korea, or South Africa may save thousands of dollars on the same procedure.

South Korea

Percutaneous endoscopic Thoracic discectomy (PETD)    $11,700 USD                                      

Endoscopic Discectomy Cost Worldwide

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