PlacidWay Announces Partnership with Radiant Beauty Medical Group

3/22/13, Denver, COPlacidWay has developed a relationship with Regen Beauty Medical Group, based in Seoul, South Korea. The medical group was founded in 2004 by professors from the Seoul National University Hospital of Plastic Surgery. Located in Seoul’s Gangnam neighborhood, the 15-story medical tower offers a variety of aesthetic and beauty services including breast surgery, dermatology, facial contouring, eye and nose surgery, and a variety of aesthetic dentistry procedures and treatments.

Beauty and Aesthetic Medical Group

"Regen Beauty Medical Group offers a total care system in one location, that provides specialty services from over thirty doctors in eight departments," states Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, a leader in medical resources and facilitators based in Denver, Colorado. "Departments at Regen Beauty Medical Group include orthodontic, plastic surgery, dermatology, family medicine, oral and maxillofacial surgery, otolaryngology, and anesthesiology and surgical services."


Special treaments by Regen Group

In addition to aesthetic treatments and procedures, Regen Beauty Medical Group also runs a stem cell center and autologous transfusion room, separate anesthesiology and operating rooms as well as a large, comfortable examination center. "Regen plastic surgery is increasingly attractive to foreign patients, with our coordinators ever ready to provide language and support services, as well as concierges, pickup services, and help with hotel reservations," states Chief Director Kim Woo Jung.

In the Korean language, "Regen" stands for regeneration, which in Korean culture signifies recovery and rebirth. Coupled with the expertise provided by doctors, surgeons and support staff at Regen, high-tech medical equipment, a comfortable environment and highly trained and experienced medical staff offer patients from around the world the best in facial contouring and breast surgeries, as well as cosmetic, nose and breast surgery procedures.

Qualified Staff in the centre:

Doctors and surgeons at Regen Beauty Medical Group are highly qualified, and members of the Korea Plastic Surgery Association, as well as subspecialty members of associations such as the Craniofacial Plastic Surgery Association, the ENT Association, and the Korean Medical Laser Association, among others.