Biological Key Is Found For Treating Degenerative Diseases

Treating Degenerative Diseases is now possible

Treating Degenerative Diseases is now possible

The Integrative Medicine Center has helped many sufferers of degenerative diseases around the world with ground breaking medical treatments, services, and procedures.

Maria has a serious brain injury at birth, born in asphyxia athetoid CP, quadriplegia, she had Placenta Implant therapy a year ago. This is going to be her 3rd treatment. Maria is 19 years old and has improved from lying flat on her back and not initiating movements in a desired direction, is now she is creeping where and when she decides, without anyone motivating her. Lately, she walks pushing with her palms on her Mothers hands Mother advises, (I am behind her and making the steps with her helping with the transfer of balance from one leg to the other and shifting of her weight properly while we walk). Since the first treatment Maria has grown, derived increased mobility and improved on all aspects of brain development. Dr.Omar Gonzalez' treatment has been the greatest contribution to the steady improvement in the mobility of Maria.

Amazing results for Hepatitis C are reported by Glen. He was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in early 1997. Glen, then started Interferon treatments a few months later; his doctor advised he could not take it due to various side effects. His liver enzymes at that time were ALT 264 AST 141. Feeling desperation with no help from the conventional medical community, Glen decided see Dr. Gonzalez to discuss the option of stem cell, placenta implants. At the time of his visit, Nov. 2001, his ALT was 587 and his AST 318. After his implant, his blood work in Nov. 2002 proved to show more promising results. He states, "I waited so long because I was still pessimistic in the implant. So I was a little excited but still pessimistic". Glen has been a patient of Dr. Gonzalez 2001, his most resent implant on Oct. 4 2007 proved most exciting. The follow up blood work Nov. 9 2007 came out normal, what a good word to hear when you have Hepatitis C. Even with the immune system of a Hepatitis C patient, he reports he rarely ever gets sick. He declares, "I have no doubt these implants have extended my life with Hepatitis C".

A stroke victim states, "I have always been a fast paced individual with a varied background in management positions. At the age of 35 I began having seizures. I was referred to several facilities and was examined by numerous physicians and have spent many thousands of dollars trying to find a cause, none has ever been found. In 1991 I had a stroke that left me quite limited in my mobility and very limited in my speech pattern. I was in this stage for approximately one and half years. I had to leave my position as Manager of a senior retirement resort, a job that I had held for four years.I received my first implant and with-in a few days I was amazed at the improvement in my kidney function, my energy level soared, my speech pattern returned to normal with-in three weeks and with-in five weeks I had full mobility of my limbs. With-in 6 weeks I went back to work full time at my old job, Manager of the senior resort where we reside. I am seizure free, and was able to reduce my medicine intake in half. I receive a placenta implant every six to seven months and have acupuncture apx. twice a month for over all health. I am thankful to God for placing Dr. Gonzalez in my life, between the two I have the quality of life that I was meant to have.

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by: Dr. Omar Gonzalez

2009-02-24 / Updated on: 2022-03-23

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