Why Indonesians traveling abroad

Indonesians Traveling to Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea

Over the past years, the Medical Tourism industry has increased significantly, as more and more people begin to understand and see its advantages. Asia is an important piece in the healthcare tourism market, attracting patients from all over the world. But if Asia is a big player in the industry, does Indonesia share this role?

Unfortunately, the healthcare system in Indonesia is still struggling with increased costs, long waiting lists and the lack of appropriate infrastructure to accommodate all the patients' needs. Therefore, many Indonesians (around 40%) seek medical help abroad in neighboring Asian countries, particularly Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand.

Seeking medical treatment abroad has become a common practice for Indonesians. Most of them are seeking treatments and procedures for age-related diseases, but also for cancer or chronic diseases like diabetes. Also, more and more Indonesians are suffering from arthritis due to increasing life expectancy, so they are looking for orthopedic treatments. But medical conditions aren’t the only factor that leads them to seek medical care abroad. The desire to look more attractive and younger encourages them to opt for cosmetic procedures abroad.

Increasing Need for Better Healthcare Services in Indonesia

Indonesians are driven overseas by the unavailability of local healthcare. Although there is a strong need to improve the standard and skills of health care workers, there’s nothing being done to encourage doctors and nurses to take tests and increase the level of trust in the healthcare services from Indonesia.

One of the problems the Indonesian medical system is facing is the fact that it isn’t able to offer a holistic treatment. Not because the skills and attitudes of health care professionals working in Indonesia are poor, but the system seems to enhance this issues. The trend in Indonesia is to go directly to specialists; therefore the treatment they receive is often not comprehensive.

Patients in Indonesia also often question the necessity of expensive examinations carried out by doctors.  They are also complaining that the concept of customer service is missing in Indonesian hospitals and pharmacies. Therefore patients are often forced to wait a long time to see a doctor.

Medical Care Abroad for Indonesians

Excellent Medical Care Abroad for Indonesians

For Indonesians, better healthcare is one flight away. People want quick and high quality service for a fair price, and this is what they find abroad. After all, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand are quite close, attracting more and more Indonesians with accessible and profitable packages.

The most popular treatments available in Malaysia are cancer treatments, orthopedic surgery and cardiac care. The hospitals are first-rate and the doctors in Malaysia are either trained in the UK and all of them speak English fluently. Hospitals in Malaysia have special referral systems and international customer departments that specifically cater to the needs of international patients.

Recently, South Korean medical tourism has also grown to be one of the most popular in Asia.  Because of their excellent-quality healthcare services and state-of-the-art facilities, Indonesians are eager to take advantage of thel high-end medical services they offer.

Many patients from Indonesia choose advanced treatments for various spinal disorders other orthopedic diseases, dental issues, organ transplantation or cyber knife surgery in cancer treatments. All these innovations have turned South Korea into a top choice for medical tourists from many western countries.

Another medical destination considered by Indonesians is Thailand.  Thanks to its hospitals which offer numerous excellent treatments at affordable rates and excellent outcomes, from orthopedic surgery, cardiac treatments, to organ transplants and oncology therapy.  Hospitals are also fitted with the latest technology, and offer language translators and exclusive international wings to cater to foreign patients.

„There is no nationalism when it comes to pain; no distance is too far to travel for a cure when money is not an issue. For some better-off Indonesians patients, better health care is usually one flight away. People want quick service, or quality service that matches their expectations, so they go abroad. After all, Malaysia and South Korea are quite close,” affirms Pramod Goel, CEO and Founder of PlacidWay. Furthermore, Mr.Goel asserts that „Indonesians opting for healthcare in Malaysia discover that several tour operators offer specially tailored packages for patients. In Thailand, private hospitals have special referral systems and international customer departments that specifically cater to the needs of Indonesian patients. Also, South Korea is preferred among Indonesians due to its top notch medical technologies and innovative surgical treatments.”

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