Specialized Weight-Loss Surgery in Mexico

Obesity is one of the leading causes of medical complications and illnesses today, running a close second to heart disease. As a matter of fact, obesity is one of the leading causes of heart disease conditions. Unfortunately, treating obesity is also extremely expensive, and many health insurance companies in the United States consider weight-loss surgeries, bariatric surgeries, gastric banding, and lap banding procedures to be elective. Cost of bariatric and obesity weight loss surgeries can amount to tens of thousands of dollars, which is often enough to prevent or hinder any individual's effort to benefit from such procedures.

Americans searching for obesity surgery options, as well as affordable obesity and bariatric surgical procedures, are journeying to Latin American destinations such as Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil for their weight-loss or obesity surgical options. One such facility, Almater Hospital in Mexico, is becoming a leader in obesity surgical procedures. Almater Hospital is a private hospital that offers state-of-the-art equipment and facilities including four surgical suites, hemodynamic surgical rooms, state-of-the-art and high-tech equipment and technology, CAT scans, digital radiography, and tomography axial computerization (TAC) facilities.

Dr. Alberto Aceves is a leader in obesity weight loss surgery, specializing in laparoscopic banding. Graduating from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in 1981, Dr. Aceves completed his residency training at the Mexicali General Hospital and completed basic laparoscopic training in Arizona, as well as advanced laparoscopic training at the Mexican Endoscopic Surgery Association. Dr. Aceves has completed more than 1000 laparoscopic procedures and is a leader in experience and expertise in laparoscopic gastric surgery and gastric banding laparoscopy procedures.

Dr. Alberto Aceves is also a member of the General Surgeons College of Mexicali, the Mexican Association of General Surgery, the Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery, the Mexican Society of Obesity Surgery as well as a Secretary of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity. He also belongs to the American Society for Bariatric Surgeons.

Providing both nonsurgical and surgical treatments and interventions for severe obesity, Dr. Alberto Aceves and the Almater Hospital are dedicated to providing safe, quality, and affordable weight loss treatment programs for individuals. The most common types of surgical procedures chosen for obesity treatment includes gastric bypass, which reduces stomach capacity, stomach stapling, also known as vertical banded gastroplasty, which limits food intake, and the lap band adjustable gastric banding system, which also limits food intake but is designed to be adjusted to individual situations.

One former patient of Dr. Aceves states, "Dr. Aceves is a top-notch doctor. I am very happy with the results I've had so far, losing 52 pounds in 4 1/2 months." Another patient says, "My first impression of Dr. Aceves was compassion. I truly felt that he has a deep passion for what he does and the lives that are placed in his hands. Over time this feeling was only amplified. His medical staff was unrelenting in their efforts to provide awe-inspiring medical care... the aftercare program has been foolproof and easy to follow."

Another patient wrote, "I researched, made a choice, made the commitment, took the trip and had the surgery... I came home after a few days in the hospital with the documentation needed for future reference by my primary care physician and complete instructions for my postsurgical dietary requirements.... I have had follow up via e-mail and personal phone calls... the Hospital Almater was up to my standards, meaning I would feel comfortable bringing my friends and family to that hospital. Everyone that needed to speak English spoke understandable English. In dealing with Dr. Aceves and his staff, I have been very pleased to say the least."

When taking into consideration treatments, options, doctors, and facilities that understand and deal with obesity and obesity surgical treatments with compassion, understanding, experience and expertise, medical travelers should research all options, including international medical tourism, in order to enjoy the benefits of world-class and affordable obesity surgeries and treatments.

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