Cheapest And Best Country for Plastic Surgery

The human body may be a beautiful piece of machinery, but it does have its imperfections.  For some, those imperfections are as slight as a mole on the back, but for others it can be a detriment to their everyday life.  Whether we like to believe it or not, we live in a society that puts a great deal of emphasis on beauty, and for some, getting a job can depend as much on their talent as their looks. 

Cosmetic surgery is an incredibly popular practice, with 11 million procedures being done in the United States in 2021 alone.  In other words, three percent of the American population had cosmetic surgery that year.

With such an influx of individuals going for cosmetic surgery, doctors are often swamped with patients who are looking to improve on their bodies.  As well, the costs of cosmetic surgery can run into the several thousands of dollars.  Since cosmetic surgery is considered to be an elective procedure, as in it is the patient’s choice, it is not covered by insurance, which can be a strain on the finances of many people.

Thankfully, other options do exist and all it takes is quick trip over the border or across the ocean.

An increasingly-popular industry, medical tourism, is offering solutions to individuals who want to eliminate the wait times and high costs often associated with cosmetic surgeries. 

Nowadays, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Croatia, Thailand, South Korea and India the cheapest and best countries for plastic surgery in 2022. The cost of living is much cheaper in these countries but the surgeons are high qualified so you can get best treatment in affordable costs.

For example, a full face lift in the United States costs $20,000, while in Mexico the cost will run you only $5,250.  Many individuals are able to pay half the cost, which includes staying in a hospital, hotel and airfare to the country of their choice.  The low cost is due to favorable exchange rates, lower salaries of the doctors and fewer medical lawsuits, which has a huge effect by giving lower malpractice-insurance costs.

There is a stigma that getting this type of surgery overseas means you will be in less-than-First-World conditions, however this could not be further from the case and most cosmetic surgery hospitals have state of the art equipment and internationally certified doctors and nurses.

While there are tragic stories of people who do not do their research and have surgery performed on them by non-professionals.  The vast majority of those who take part in medical tourism find the experience to be everything they thought it would be and more.  To prevent your story from becoming tragic, it is important you do your research and ensure you are going to a professional who knows what they are doing.  There have been many stories of patients who went to other countries for surgeries, only to be disfigured by shoddy work.  Of course, it is important to remember that the same can happen in the United States by going to an unlicensed professional.  Always, always do your homework.

10 Best Countries for Plastic Surgery

1. Mexico

Mexico has a high reputation for providing excellent service at an affordable price.  The cost of cosmetic surgery in Mexico is much lower than in the United States, so you can easily save thousands of dollars. Plus, you'll get access to the same quality of care and materials as you would find in the US.

Furthermore, Mexico is a beautiful country and has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing and cultural experiences. It's the perfect place for a cosmetic surgery vacation! 

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is emerging as one of the most visited countries for medical tourism. This should not surprise you since many international patients come to Costa Rica for affordable medical care. Clinics for plastic surgery in Costa Rica are equipped with the latest technology and work with an experienced medical team.

Other advantages these clinics provide are

  • Communication in English,

  • Modern facilities for your pleasant stay,

  • Comfortable hospital rooms,

  • All-inclusive packages at low-cost,

  • High-quality cosmetic procedures.

3. Colombia

Cosmetic surgery in Colombia is becoming increasingly popular as people seek affordable, high-quality health care options abroad. Colombia is a good choice for medical tourism because it offers a combination of low costs, experienced doctors, world-class hospitals, and top notch tourist attractions!

4. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is a small country in the Caribbean Sea. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the south and the Caribbean Sea to the north. Dominican Republic is known for its beaches, beautiful tropical weather, and luxury tourist resorts.

One of the main reasons to consider cosmetic surgery in Dominican Republic is the cost. The price of procedures are much lower in this country than it is in developed nations like the United States, Canada, and Australia. 

Another reason to choose plastic surgery in Dominican Republic is the quality of care. The country has many world-class clinics that use the latest technology and techniques. This means you can expect to receive high-quality care at a fraction of the cost you would pay at home country. 

5. Turkey

Turkey is an excellent destination for those seeking cosmetic surgery. It offers world-class medical care in a safe and welcoming environment. 

The surgeons here are highly qualified and experienced

The cost of procedures is often lower than in other countries. 

Plus, you will have a chance to explore the culture and attractions of Turkey while recovering from your procedure.  

So, if you are looking for a reliable and affordable destination to get cosmetic surgery Turkey will be your first choice.

6. Croatia

Croatia is also a popular choice for those looking to improve their appearance. Many of the medical facilities in Croatia are world-class, and offer advanced technology and techniques that can provide impressive results with minimal downtime and risk. Cosmetic procedures such as BBL, Tummy Tuck, Mommy makeover, and liposuction are all available in Croatia.

7. Thailand

There are many factors to consider when making the decision to undergo Plastic Surgery in Thailand, including the associated risks and costs. Fortunately, Plastic Surgery in Thailand is now more accessible and safer than ever before, thanks in part to advances in medical technology. And Thailand has become a hub for medical tourism, offering high-quality cosmetic surgery at a fraction of the cost of what it would be in Western countries.

8. South Korea

Plastic Surgery in South Korea is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. South Korea is home to some of the best plastic surgeons in the world, renowned for their safe and effective procedures. Plastic Surgery in South Korea is known to be relatively affordable compared to other countries and there are a variety of clinics available that offer various discounts and deals. Recovery times are also typically shorter than many other countries.

9. India

India is known for its affordable and low-cost treatments, which makes it an ideal destination for cosmetic surgery procedures. India has some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world and many of them are highly trained and experienced. High-Quality Care: Indian cosmetic clinics provide high-quality care and services to ensure the best possible results. Indian cosmetic clinics have access to the latest technology and equipment, ensuring that your procedure is done safely and effectively. Indian cosmetic clinics are known for their professionalism and commitment to patient privacy. India offers a variety of options when it comes to cosmetic surgery, including different types of procedures and packages. 

Dos and Don’ts for cosmetic surgery abroad

Here is a quick list of the dos and don’ts for cosmetic surgery abroad:

Do go where you know you will get excellent treatment – research the medical standards of the facility, as well as the doctor’s background and talk to their previous patients.
Do Plan Ahead – get your passport quickly so you do not have to fight the tourist season.
Do not only rely on the internet – it is important you call the places you plan on visiting to find out about their surgery and past patients views of the hospital.
Do ask a surgeon about his training – find out if they are trained or practiced in North America and how many years they have doing cosmetic surgery.
Do not cut costs – never, ever go with the lowest bidder.  It is more important you pay a bit extra to ensure you get the results you are looking for.
Do get everything in writing – you need to have all the information about the costs, procedures, consultations and number of nights in the hospital with you.  You should also give the contact numbers to family so they can reach you.
Do not take chances – do things right and always put your own safety first.

10 Questions You Should Ask about Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

When you have a cosmetic surgery procedure done, you trust the doctor doing it not only with your money, but also with your health, well-being and future look. That is a lot of trust to put in a stranger, which is why you have to have consultations not with one, but at least three different cosmetic surgeons before you decide what to do and where to go. Consultations can be done in person, but, since we are talking about cosmetic surgeries done abroad, they can also be done via Skype or some other form of long-distance communication.

When having a conversation with the potential doctor, it is vital to ask the following questions.

1. Is the doctor board-certified to work in his country?

A doctor certified by a respective medical board in the country of origin is a doctor who has undergone strict training and rigorous testing to obtain it. Also, these medical boards require strict adherence to a regulatory code of ethics for all its members and failure to follow those codes equals to a loss of certification. If the doctor is board-certified, then you can know that they are ethically sound, as well as well trained and knowledgeable about his field.

2. How many times has the doctor performed the procedure?

Experience is key for any type of medical procedure, but it is extremely important when it comes to cosmetic surgeries. The more times a doctor has performed the surgery, the surer they will be when perform it. Also, those reiterations of the same surgery enable the doctor to know what to expect and to be prepared to deal with any problems or complications that may arise.

3. Where will the surgery be performed and are there hospital privileges for recovery?

A cosmetic surgery can be done in a hospital or in an outpatient medical facility. What is important is that the facilities are certified for patient safety (here we would recommend to look for a local authorities certification to perform procedures in the facility). You also need to check whether you will have hospital privileges in case something goes wrong (you do not want to be stuck in emergency care in post-op), and whether those will be available for the post-op recovery, as well.

4. What’s the cost of the procedure?

Cosmetic surgeries are usually costly endeavors for the patients, especially because they are considered elective medical procedures. However, the price does differ significantly from one country to another. It is imperative that you establish what the exact cost of the package will be and what will be included in the surgery package. Packages should include things like anesthesia and medical facilities stay, but some of them can also include transportation and private stay, although those cases are rare. A treatment package should also contain a dedicated translator for your language, as it is vital that there are no mistakes due to miscommunication. It is important how much the procedure will cost and how much more you will need to cover living costs in another country so that you can plan your budget.

5. Are there any risks with the procedure?

Any cosmetic surgery (and any surgery in general) carries risks with it. A good, ethical surgeon will be up-front and honest about the risks going with the type of surgery that you want. Aside from general risks with any surgery, such as infection at the incision site, anesthesia complications, excessive bleeding and obvious scarring, some cosmetic procedures carry special risks, as well. If the surgeon claims that there are no risks or downplays them too much, then perhaps you should choose another one, as all ethical surgeons will warn you of all the risks before the procedure. After you know the risks, weigh them against the benefits and see whether you should really do the procedure if the risks are higher.

6. Do complications happen often and if they do, how will they be handled?

All surgeons have seen some kind of complication in reaction to their work. Sometimes, this has nothing to do with the surgeon’s skill, but instead with how the patient’s body heals. It is important to know how often the surgeon sees complications in their practice and how they handle it. Does the surgeon have admitting privileges at a local hospital, if the procedure is done in an outpatient facility? Once you know how often complications happen and how they are handled, you can know whether you should proceed with the surgery.

7. How long does recovery last and will I need help?

Post-op recovery for plastic and cosmetic surgeries can last a few weeks, up to a month or two, depending on the procedure. You should know how long it should take so that you can prepare and arrange things for that time period. Also, you should know whether to have someone (a relative, a significant other, or a nurse) available if you need help.

8. What if I’m not satisfied with the results?

Each surgeon has their own views and rules regarding the revision surgery should you now be satisfied. This is best fleshed out early, while discussing about the procedure, as no one can guarantee that the surgery will be done exactly the way you want it to. Depending on the surgeon, revision surgeries will usually be done at a reduced price, but you will still have to fully pay for the costs of anesthesia and the medical facilities. This is why choosing a surgeon you can trust and one who is truly an expert is so important – to avoid revision surgeries.

9. What kind of anesthesia can I expect and who will administer it?

There are three types of anesthesia usually involved in cosmetic surgeries: general anesthesia (where they put you asleep), local anesthesia (where only the part of the body that is under the procedure is numbed and you are otherwise conscious), and IV sedation (where your state of consciousness is altered). All of these carry risks with them, and it’s up to a skilled anesthesiologist to do their job properly by staying with you throughout the procedure and monitoring you when you wake up.

10. Are there any examples of the doctor’s past work?

Finally, it is important that you check former patients of the doctor and see what they’ve had to say about the procedure that you wish to do. If possible, contact them yourself. If not, look for reviews and testimonials online. Be sure to find more than just positive reviews about the doctor and see whether someone has had some negative feedback or any complications.

Cosmetic surgeries can have a profound effect on both your body and the mind. A botched cosmetic surgery can have even more effects. When choosing to have a cosmetic surgery, you have to be perfectly informed about risks, costs, benefits, and, most importantly, the surgeon and his staff. Asking the questions above is only the first step, so be sure to dig deeply in order to be sure you can place your trust in the surgeon that you’ve chosen.

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