Indian Medical Service Providers Remain Top Notch

India has long been known as the world's first and premier medical tourism destination, with good reason. India continues to offer superlative, expert, highly trained medical services to international as well as domestic travelers in a variety of medical fields, including orthopedic, cardiac, dental and vision therapies, fertility treatments, ophthalmologist and cosmetology services.

Makewell Meditour
Makewell Meditour is one such facility located in Mumbai, India. Says Sandeep Khemka, CEO of Makewell, "What makes us different from other agencies in India is that we only do medical travel. We don't do any pure pleasure travel arrangements. We're also a member of the Medical Travel Association, and I expect to be one of the first to receive ISO certification. We're just finishing up this process now."

Makewell Meditour offers a variety of treatments including but not limited to:

  • Orthopedic - procedures ranging from hip joint replacement surgery to open reduction and fixation of fractures, arthrodesis, arthroscopic surgery and tendon repair
  • Cosmetology - popular procedures include liposuction, tummy tucks, face and neck lift procedures, breast augmentation and breast lives as well as chemical peels and chin or cheek implant or surgical procedures
  • Cardiology - world-class procedures in a coronary artery bypass graft surgery, pacemaker insertion, coronary angioplasty, ventricular septal defect closure and more
  • Dentistry - everything from dental crowns and implants to porcelain and composite too thin ears, to his contouring, whitening, and dental bridges

Makewell Meditour is experienced in providing International healthcare and has established professional relationships with excellent physicians and premier hospitals around the globe.  Their goal is to provide affordable medical care and surgeries while it the same time refusing to compromise on quality, saving international travelers tens of thousands of dollars in medical treatments, procedures and surgeries offered around the globe.

Makewell Meditour focuses service on personalized care and hospitality. They prioritize customer relationship management, privacy and confidentiality and pledge to provide confident and quality medical services to all, regardless of socioeconomic condition or country of origin.

Says Khemka, "Our focus is really on the patient and making sure we do right by them. When you're in need of major medical care, you are feeling pretty exposed and vulnerable. We really try to make them feel more secure and confident in the choices they are making and give them options so they don't feel forced into something."

Pramod Goel, CEO and Founder of PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal based in Denver, Colorado, "Health care today is focused on  choice and options. We are proud to provide a number of international facilities that enable Americans and international travelers to make choices regarding their medical care. We are proud to join forces with facilities like Makewell Meditour to offer international patients accredited, certified, and world-class facilities in all medical fields."

Traveling to India for Medical Care
India offers the latest technological advances, experienced and expert physicians and surgeons and the very best in patient care, India has secured her place in the world as a premier medical travel destination. Specializing in orthopedic, cardiac, transplant and plastic and cosmetic surgical procedures, India is also a leader in nuclear medicine, neurosurgery and cancer procedures.

India is also an extremely popular travel destination that offers visitors hikes through back roads, lush scenery and mountain vistas to Buddhist monuments, the Taj Mahal (in Agra), and fine dining, accommodations and amusements in Mumbai (formally known as Bombay), New Delhi, Hyderabad, Agra and Jaipur are certain to enthrall and please all ages, making India one of the premier locations to combine vacation and Medical Care in the world.

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