Advanced Medical Group Provide Alternative Cancer Treatment

Traditional cancer treatments, medications, and therapies may cost patients tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some of them work better than others, depending on the stage the cancer is in when diagnosed, but none of them offer guarantees. Because of the expense, and less than promising prognosis for many, more people today are seeking alternative cancer treatments.

Facilities offering preventative medical treatments combining conventional and alternative medicine therapies are gaining favor around the globe, especially among cancer patients.  Traditional treatments for cancer generally include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Surgery
  • Medication

Alternative Treatments for Cancer at AMG
Advanced Medical Group (AMG), located in Juarez, Mexico, is a hop and a skip across the border from El Paso, Texas. Advanced Medical Group offers alternative treatments to a variety of degenerative disease processes, including cancer. 

Because many cancers are caused by infections, and nearly 40% of cancers may be preventable, states the International Union Against Cancer, Dr. Francisco Soto and his facility at Advanced Medical Group focus on therapies that determine a root cause for cancer, followed by integrative medicine combining natural treatments that help detoxify the body of carcinogens, viral cells and heavy metals.

Advanced Medical Group has made a name for itself through their innovated and homeopathic approach to cancer treatments. After determining the cause of a cancer, Dr. Soto takes an integrated approach to treating cancer including:

  • Iscadore - a plant substance that produces venom, commonly used to build a person's resistance or desensitization through the development of anti bodies, which may be used to attack cancer cells.
  • Vitamin C - produces cytokines which control the immune system's response, and may help slow cancer growth.
  • Laetrile - healthy cells in the body can synthesize Laetrile, but cancer cells can't.  Laetrile infuses cancer cells with cyanide, effectively killing them.
  • Thymus Extract - the thymus is responsible for producing lymphocytes, which help find and destroy cancerous tumor cells. 

Advanced Medical Group specializes in combining natural or homeopathic medicine with conventional medical technologies such as chemotherapy for a optimal benefits to cancer patients.

The combination of both methodologies reduce massive doses of chemotherapy drugs that also damage and kill healthy cells while still maintaining optimal effectiveness. Reducing the side effects and symptoms caused by conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation while striving for optimal health allows Advanced Medical Group to offer such a multifaceted and united front against cancer growth.

Advanced Medical Group realizes that many cancers are caused by infections such as Epstein Barr, HIV, and Hepatitis C. Preventive measures and lifestyle changes are encouraged through Dr. Soto's approach to cancer treatments and prevention of cancer.

"The treatments provided at AMG stimulate the body's natural potential to repair itself," says Dr. Soto.  "After extensive research in nutrition, oncology and immunology, I realized the balance between complementary and conventional medicine cannot be ignored. "

The fight against cancer as well as treatments that may be utilized to improve prognoses continue. "The correct approach to treating cancer begins with determining its root cause," says Dr. Soto. "In many cases, cancer is caused by an overexposure to radiation, carcinogens, viral attack or overexposure to UV rays. The body must first be cleansed of harmful bacteria microorganisms before the healing process can begin."

Dr. Soto and his facility at Advanced Medical Group continue to seek advances combining alternative therapies and conventional medicine to provide clinically effective treatments for cancer patients. Dr. Soto treats patients with multiple approaches that take into consideration heart, body and soul, rather than merely focusing on a specific condition, thereby building a true and effective partnership between physician and patient throughout the treatment process.

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