Latin American Destinations: Focus on Obesity and Bariatric Surgeries

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Facilities throughout Mexico, Central and South America have become world renowned for their ability to provide a variety of obesity and bariatric surgery procedures. Obesity surgery centers have become increasingly popular south of the border due to rising healthcare costs in the United States, coupled with long wait times.
Increasing numbers of North Americans, including Canadians, as well as individuals from Western Europe, are traveling to South American facilities such as the Antiobesity Center located in Cancun, Mexico or seeking the specialized services of experts like Dr. Marco More, bariatric surgeon in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bariatric weight loss surgery includes a variety of procedures, including laparoscopic gastric banding, gastric bypass, obesity plastic surgery, weight loss treatment facilities, banded and vertical gastroplasty, among others.

Weight Loss Options Attract Travelers
Growing numbers of obesity and weight loss clinics and hospitals offer U.S. board-certified bariatric surgeons such as Dr. Rodrigo Gonzalez of Angels Abroad, located in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Improving quality of life and a wide selection of focused weight loss surgeries coupled with counseling and nutritional support, weight loss treatment facilities in Latin America has helped hundreds of formerly obese individuals seek not only healthier lifestyles but enjoy enhanced quality of life.

However, individuals seeking safe and effective weight loss procedures, treatments and surgeries must also be able to afford them. Unfortunately, the cost of bariatric surgeries in the United States prevents many from seeking help. In the United States, weight loss surgical procedures range in cost from $17,000 to $30,000 or more, not including hospitalization, consultations and lab fees. A sleeve gastrectomy procedure in the United States costs about $20,000, while the same procedure provided in Mexico averages around $10,000, and in Costa Rica, $9,000 - for all inclusive care. It's not difficult to understand what draws hundreds of patients to such facilities, offering quality, experienced and effective treatments.

Mexicali Obesity Solutions, located just south of the American-Texas border and Mexicali, Mexico, offers the experience of Dr. Marco Sariñana, certified endoscopic and bariatric surgeon who offers a variety of weight loss treatments, including gastric bypass, gastric band, mini- gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgeries. Dr. Alejandro Aquirre Wallace of Ensenada, Mexico is an American born and board-certified bariatric surgeon who specializes in stomach separation bariatric surgeries.

From obesity surgeries in Mexico to bariatric surgery clinics in Argentina, affordable bariatric surgery in Costa Rica or obesity treatment in Latin America, growing numbers of individuals are seeking a variety of bariatric weight loss surgery options abroad. While affordability is at the top of the list, experience, training, and effective results are also vital for patients seeking treatments that will cater to their own special needs and circumstances.

Traveling to Latin America for Medical Care
Destinations throughout Latin America - from Mexico to Columbia, from Costa Rica to Argentina, provide viable and safe options for global travelers seeking weight loss surgeries and therapies. From medical weight loss therapies to the best in bariatric surgery hospitals, Latin America has taken its place as a leading medical health care provider for individuals around the world demanding more choices and options in their healthcare. 

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