There's nothing quite worse than not being able to see properly. Even worse is a situation where you used to be able to see and then you slowly find your eyesight decreasing, which in turn limits your ability to do the things that you so much enjoyed. One female patient from Ukraine felt exactly that after she was diagnosed with maculodystrophy. Also known as Best's Disease, this patient found that her eyesight was severely affected by the disease process, and by the time she was a young teenager, could no longer read or write.

Our patient spent years trying to find help for her condition and some type of treatment that would help restore if not all of, at least part of, her vision. She was missing out of so much in life and was desperate for help from any direction. Even though she visited handfuls of eye clinics and underwent a number of therapies, her central vision continuously and gradually deteriorated.

At about that time, she was at her wits end, growing despondent and depressed. Then, "My second cousin told me about EmCell clinic, offering absolutely new treatment methods - fetal stem cell treatments."

She didn't understand much about stem cell therapies but she researched the topic, the facility, and their successes in treating dozens of patients with a plethora of issues and problems. Finally, comfortable with her results, she agreed to the treatments. After all, she'd tried other traditional therapies to help improve her vision without success. "I underwent the course of treatment and saw improvements six months later. My central vision not only improved but also stabilized. I'm extremely happy to say I was able to graduate from high school and enter the university, focusing on translation studies."

Now, the 25-year-old female had a chance not only for the present, but also for her future. Ever since the treatments, she's been running full steam ahead, excited to embrace life to its fullest despite her condition.

About Dr. Alexander Smikodub
EmCell is located in Kiev, created by Professor Alexander Smikodub, who holds a Ph.D., and is credited as the inventor of various methodologies of treatment with embryonic stem cells. He's also the head of the Cell Therapy Clinic of National Medical University.

Dr. Smikodub has performed thousands of embryonic stem cell transplants to international patients who arrived every month from foreign destinations such as China, Germany, and the United States (where stem cell therapy treatments have not been approved) to receive treatments that improve quality of life.

The facility focuses on offering stem cell transplantation to help restore function of a variety of organs and tissues, and to prolong life, enhance emotional and mental outlook, and offer effective relief of a variety of conditions and functional disorders.

Finding Renewed Hope
"Presently, I'm living on my own and studying abroad," relates this patient, smiling with happiness. "At the same time, I'm working as a secretary. Even though my eyesight has not restored completely, I'm very happy with the results because the treatments have changed my life dramatically. I'm extremely grateful to the doctors who took care of me and to all the staff at EmCell clinic."

This patient is only one of many that has benefited from the expertise of Dr. Smikodub and his EmCell clinic. "Hundreds of patients travel to facilities around the globe that are making stupendous and exciting advances in stem cell research, technology and treatments," says Pramod Goel, Founder and CEO of PlacidWay, a leading medical resource and provider based in Denver, Colorado.

The gift of sight is not to be taken lightly, and this patient decided that nothing was beyond hope.  She was, and continues to be, extremely pleased that she found Dr. Smikodub and has enjoyed the benefits of his expertise and knowledge.

For more information regarding this story or for information regarding EmCell and similar stem cell treatment facilities around the globe, access PlacidWay at Just when you start thinking there's no more hope left, you'll turn a corner and find new options and opportunities that enhance and fulfill your life.

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