CRMARS Costa Rica Provide Medical Travel Easier

Chances are you've heard great things about Costa Rica as one of the top tourism destinations in the world today. Chances are you've also likely heard that Costa Rica has become a leader in the field of medical and dental tourism. The beautiful country, the amenities, and the nearly limitless things that visitors in Costa Rica can do to entertain themselves, coupled with excellent and accredited facilities, qualified physicians and dentists, and superlative care have all combined to offer one of the ultimate tourism destinations in the western hemisphere.

Costa Rica Medical Tourism and Retirement Services, also known as CRMARS, is dedicated to providing international travelers with the best in quality care and services. Whether you're looking for cosmetic dental surgery, breast implants, or cosmetic or reconstructive surgical procedures, CRMARS is determined to find you the best.

Costa Rica Medical Tourism and Retirement Services is located in beautiful San Jose, the only full service medical tourism company in the country that offers both expertise and professionalism in the delivery of wellness tourism services. Individuals traveling to Costa Rica for heart surgery, orthopedic procedures such as hip replacement or weight loss programs will find the best through the dedicated efforts and quality services provided by CRMARS.

It's easy to understand why Costa Rica Medical Tourism and Retirement Services are so popular. CRMARS links patients with accredited and certified hospitals and clinics. Their recommendations are all Joint Commission Internationally accredited, as well as accredited by AAASF and AAHC organizations.

"If you're looking for the best in quality medical care coupled with the ultimate in relaxing and beautiful vacations, Costa Rica is the place to go," suggests Cecilia Bonilla, CEO of Costa Rica Medical Tourism and Retirement Services. "CRMARS doesn't only match patients with providers, but offers a full range of services that make your traveling easy and stress free. We take pride in our ability to provide personalized services to individual patients."

CRMARS Offers Best in Care
For example, utilizing CRMARS helpful and friendly staff, you'll receive free treatment consultations, information and help regarding accommodations, and arrangements made ahead of time for any laboratory testing that you may need. Staff at CRMARS also provides transportation to and from airports and address any special needs that you may have. They'll even make sure that post-surgical appointments and follow-up assistance are available and cater services to your individualized needs and circumstances.

CRMARS provides excellent and qualified doctors, surgeons and facilities in dental care, plastic surgery, and cardiac care, reconstructive surgical procedures that include neurosurgery, gynecological oncology and urology as well as alternative medical treatment options including massage therapy, fitness programs, yoga and meditation.

If you're tired of jumping through hoops with your insurance company, waiting long periods of time to see your doctor or be scheduled for a procedure as well as stunned by rising and ever- increasing costs of health care, consider Costa Rica as a perfect destination for not only your health care needs, but for wellness tourism trips.

Medical tourism is an intimidating concept to many individuals, but after you speak with helpful staff members at CRMARS, you'll realize that medical tourism is the wave of the future, enabling patients from around the world access to the best in care that won't put you in debt for the rest of your life.

"CRMARS provides full and friendly service, from initial patient contact to selecting the physicians that best meet your needs and treatment goals," says Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, an international medical tourism facilitator and information resource. "CRMARS is intensely detail-oriented, making sure that your entire visit, from the moment you step foot in Costa Rica to the day you leave, is taken care of. CRMARS is one of the most comprehensive management services that I'd had the pleasure to work with."

CRMARS offers bilingual support in a number of languages, and is consistently ready, willing and able to help travelers not only meet their medical and health care needs, but enjoy one of the most exotic, friendly and exciting vacations of a lifetime.

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