Greater Access to Healthcare Offered by Health Greece

Greece and the Greek islands have been one of the most popular tourist destinations for vacationers around the world for generations. Now, Health Greece, the Mediterranean arm of Colorado-based PlacidWay, offers inhabitants of Greece and the Greek islands more medical and healthcare delivery options and systems.

States Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, "Options for everything from affordable dental care to chronic illness care and organ transplants are now available to Greek citizens, without long wait times and difficulty accessing superlative facilities and medical experts. PlacidWay is rapidly expanding to meet the increasing demands of medical consumers around the globe for more choices and options regarding their healthcare. We're here to facilitate their desires."

Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the west, the Sea of Crete to the south and the Aegean Sea to the east, Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  The cities of Athens, the city of Patras, the Ionian Islands and the beautiful Greek islands surrounding her shores offer archeological, political, medical and cultural wonders and developments that have earned her the name of the birthplace of civilization.

Greek Health Care
Despite its being known as the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of modern medicine, Greece continues to struggle with a variety of healthcare delivery systems and methodologies and models.  Despite superlative and well-trained physicians and access to a variety of healthcare systems and facilities, the Greek government doesn't allocate large funds for healthcare in their country.  Hospitals found in the metropolitan areas of Greece such as Athens adhere to the excellent and international patient quality care standards, while the common person in Greece often finds it difficult to afford the service is provided in its capital city.

Greece, with financial aid from the European Union is seeking to improve and upgrade their healthcare system, develop mobile medical units to offer increased services to rural areas, build new clinics and hospitals, and improve their trauma and emergency medical facilities. Funding for the latest in high-tech medical tools, technologies and equipment is also under study.

In Greece, public health services are offered free or very low costs, to those contributing to Greece's social security system. Certain forms and requirements are required in order for individuals to access this health system, which often makes healthcare delivery difficult for Greek citizens. Long waiting lists for nonemergency cases and reimbursement of upfront costs prevent many Greek citizens from accessing and receiving the medical care they need. Hospital facilities are limited, though Athens offers several premium health care access points to medical and healthcare services.

Health Greece enable individuals located throughout Greece and the Greek islands the opportunity to travel to international destinations for excellent healthcare delivery systems and options beyond their borders. Treatments, procedures and surgeries not currently available to the inhabitants of Greece or the Greek islands have choices that meet their healthcare needs and desires.

"We're very excited to develop our new partnership with the people of Greece and are proud and honored to aid and facilitate their healthcare needs," concludes Goel. "Choices and options should be available to every consumer regarding their medical care, regardless of demographics, socioeconomic background or geography."

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