Health Tourism Portal for Consumers and Providers

PlacidWay, a health & wellness tourism web portal, recently debuted an enhancement to the site that further solidifies its position as a leading authority in the industry. The centuries-old practice of health tourism has recently experienced explosive growth. This has provided an opportunity for a one-stop, interactive, full service site to exist that answers the needs of both health tourists and healthcare facilities. “We are environmental scanners of the industry, and work hard to monitor trends and gather information that can be trusted,” said Pramod Goel, president of PlacidWay. "All you need to make an informed and intelligent decision about health tourism is on the site."

"Attention to the needs of both sides of the health tourism coin---consumers and healthcare providers---has been a differentiator for PlacidWay from its inception," says Goel. "With our enhanced site, we can deliver the most comprehensive, unique, customizable and convenient healthcare solutions for our clients." It is a goal of PlacidWay to be a knowledge repository and to be on the forefront of the trends of the health tourism industry, with resources that other sites don’t have.

PlacidWay’s expanded site makes it even easier for a potential health tourist to define whether they are searching for a medical procedure/treatment or a wellness program. They can then further refine their search by choosing a destination and facility. While on the website, they can also access hotel and airfare rates, as well as specific informative articles about their chosen procedure, facility or specialist. "All of this can be accomplished with a sense of security for the consumer," says Goel. "They can rest assured that all their physical needs and comforts will be met by our providers, and feel confident from the perspective of knowing that they have the most current, reliable and accurate information on hand."

PlacidWay is a leading authority in the field of health tourism through its vision, commitment to service and determination to be the most complete resource possible. PlacidWay offers world class healthcare providers in exotic destinations, a formidable knowledge and information base, quick response turnaround and a one-stop interactive approach to booking a health tourism experience. For more information on PlacidWay, go to