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Year after year, breast cancer is on the mind of women -- and with good reason.
According to Cancer Research U.K., the incidence of breast cancer has more than doubled since 1975, with 1.1 million new cases diagnosed annually across the world.

A personalized plan for breast health is one of the most important tools you can have to prevent cancer. Sanoviv is now offering just that: The remarkably successful Breast Health and Wellness Program.

Women of all ages can benefit by participating in the Breast Health and Wellness Program, but it is especially important for those who have a family history of breast disease. Early detection of subtle abnormalities sounds an alarm that can be addressed through lifestyle changes, lymphatic exercises, specific nutrients and better nutrition.

Expert hands caring for you . . .
The Breast Health and Wellness Program is administered by a team of highly-trained professionals under the direction and coordination of an experienced medical board. As a holistic medical institute, Sanoviv combines expert personnel, state-of-the-art diagnostics, luxurious surroundings, fabulous food, educational programs and a relaxed environment for total wellness.

The Breast Thermogram
Sanoviv’s four-day Breast Health and Wellness Program is designed to help you avoid illness and heal abnormal cells. The cornerstone of the program is a scan of the breasts, commonly referred to as a thermogram. An ultra-sensitive infrared camera obtains high-resolution images without pain, compression or radiation. A 12-page report is generated by trained clinicians who use a sophisticated computer program that can identify abnormal blood vessel patterns and subtle temperature differences within the breasts. Small, but important, changes can be detected up to 7 years before they can be identified with any other currently available technology, creating an opportunity to intervene for restoration of health.

The Full Program
In addition to a digital infrared breast scan, Sanoviv’s Breast Health and Wellness Program includes:

  • Three electro-toxicology treatments, an application of medical micro-current to energy pathways for detoxification and body rebalancing;
  • A Swedish massage, where expert hands use circular motions and long, firm strokes to relax the muscles, stimulate immune function and improve circulation;
  • A rejuvenating facial, to gently cleanse, nourish and exfoliate the skin with a special combination of herbs and essential oils;
  • A seaweed body wrap that encourages cellular metabolism and hydrates the skin;
  • An assessment for individualized nutrients using applied kinesiology;
  • A consultation with a highly trained, certified nutritionist; and
  • A consultation with a holistic psychologist for stress reduction and mind-body health
  • By combining advanced, diagnostic technologies with holistic treatments, Sanoviv’s Breast Health and Wellness Program is designed to reduce your risk of breast disease and improve your life.

At the end of your health retreat, you will return home with an individualized a wellness program. You will be confident, knowing that breast health and wellness can be incorporated into your lifestyle. You will feel relaxed and pampered, both body and mind.

Prevention is not just "early detection." True prevention is avoiding cancer altogether. With Sanoviv's  Breast Health and Wellness program, you can stay healthy and well.

This four-day program is offered as a stand-alone assessment or as a compliment to other health programs offered at our facility.

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