Prof. Dr. Markus Schofer | Orthopedic Surgeon |Frankfurt, Germany

Prof. Dr. Markus Schofer Orthopedist Frankfurt, Germany

About - Prof. Dr. Markus Schofer

Professor Dr. Markus Schofer is a renowned orthopedist with an outstanding reputation in orthopedic surgery. He is specialized in operations of the shoulder, hip and knee joint and has developed several advanced surgical techniques. He has worked many years as leading senior physician at university hospitals, where he is still welcome as academic lecturer.

Prof. Schofer has published more than 100 medical papers and over 500 talks so far. For his excellent work he has already won numerous research awards. Today, he is leading his own orthopedic private clinic in Frankfurt, Germany. With more than 25 years of experience as orthopedic surgeon and international reputation, the welfare of his patients is still his driving motivation. Prof. Schofer is member of Intermed’s Medical Scientific Advisory Board and covers the field of Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine.

Education - Prof. Dr. Markus Schofer

Studied human medicine and doctorate at the University of Tubingen, Germany

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