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Dr Venkat Hip Replacement Surgeries in Chennai India

Package price starting from: $4500
Treatment: Orthopedic/Knee Surgery
Focus Area: Hip Replacement Surgery | Orthopedic Surgery | Hip Arthroplasty | Hip Joint Implant | Dr. Vekatachalam | Chennai, India

Affordable Hip Replacement in Chennai India starts at $4,500

Dr .A.K. Venkatachalam's MJRC Clinic

Top Hip Replacement Surgery

in Chennai, India

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Benefit from the top hip surgery procedures in Chennai, India by Dr. A. K. Venkatachalam.

The Hip surgery procedures performed by Dr. A. K.  Venkatachalam include proxima hip replacement, Birmingham hip replacement, Durom hip resurfacing, Cemented and uncemented Hip replacements.


Why choose MJRC's Dr. Venkatachalam?

  • Vast experience in hip joint replacements, both primary and revision. 

  • Due to the high end technology and equiments, our patients pain is diminished in the post operative period.

  • Expert anesthetists ensure painless surgery & recovery.

  • Top hospital infrastructure & advanced diagnostic equipment back doctor Venkatachalam's extensive expertise.

  • English speaking staff.

  • Implants are of the finest quality and are FDA approved.

  • Costs are affordable to the most sensitive patient while high quality of service in ensured.


The Cost of Hip Replacement Surgeries in Chennai, India


Total Hip Replacement in India Cost

Hip replacement Surgery Cost Includes

Total Hip Replacement Procedure in India

  • Internal transfer by car to and from the hospital from Chennai international airport on arrival/departure
  • Initial consultation for a straight forward case without co morbidities
  • Stay in a single room for 6-7 nights. One person can stay in the same room at no extra cost.
  • Cost of standard implant. If you want any special requirements or extra components are required during your surgery, the actual costs will be charged.
  • Fees of surgeon, anesthesiologist and assistants.
  • Duty doctor's & nursing charges.
  • Theatre charges
  • Standard medication for regional anesthesia
  • Physiotherapy
  • Consumables & routine medications related to the surgery
  • Post op Procedure related investigation like x ray and blood test
  • A guest relation & international patients officer will work closely with you to facilitate your stay.
  • A dietitian will advise and provide your dietary requirements daily from a range of Indian & international menus.
  • A comprehensive discharge summary given prior to discharge.
  • Follow up consultation with your surgeon by e mail.
  • Travel & tourism advice and coordination for extended stay.


Cost Excludes


  • Pre Op consultation with other specialist for patient with co morbidities or illnesses.Total Hip Replacement in India Costs
  • Pre op investigations
  • Blood transfusions post op
  • Prolonged pain control management
  • Stay in excess of 7 nights
  • Medications and treatment for pre- existing or non- procedure related conditions
  • Guest meals, phone calls, in room soft drinks, extra food, room services
  • Laundry services
  • A video recording of your procedure can be provided on request at extra cost.


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