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Unique Cell Treatment Clinic

Fetal Stem Cell Therapy for Parkinsons in Kiev Ukraine by UCTC

17 Solomyanska street, Kiev,Kyiv, Ukraine

Package Price : $10000

Treatment :Stem Cell Therapy

By : Unique Cell Treatment Clinic

Location : 17 Solomyanska street Kiev,Kyiv, Ukraine

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Unique Cell Treatment Clinic’s large positive experience in treating primary and secondary parkinsonism with fetal stem cells (FCS) in Kiev, Ukraine has been highly successful, allowing, in almost 100% of cases to slow down the degeneration process of nervous system and to improve quality of life of the patient.

The transplantation of fetal stem cells is performed in accordance with the fetal stem cell therapy schemes developed by UCTC specialists, all the patients showing significant improvements following the therapy for treating Parkinson’s disease:

  • Reduction of akinesia, rigidity and tremor
  • Improvement of mental activity
  • Reducing the loss of autonomic disorders.

Parkinson's Disease Stem Cell Treatment in Ukraine

Many of Unique Cell Treatment Clinic’s patients could return to their previous work or to avoid a long period of disability. In addition, due to the fetal stem cells for Parkinson’s disease treatment, patients can stop taking drugs that are commonly prescribed for Parkinson's disease.

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The Price of Fetal Stem Cell Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease:

Our fetal stem cell treatment for Parkinson’s disease cost 10,000 USD.


The Fetal Stem Cells Treatment Package for Parkinson's Disease includes the following:

  • Airport-hotel/apartment-airport transfer
  • Everyday hotel/apartment-clinic-hotel/apartment transfer
  • Examinations by specialists
  • Laboratory tests and investigations
  • Treatment itself (2-days-administration of stem cells)
  • Medical report
  • Medications if necessary
  • Follow-up after the treatment

For accommodation you will have to pay additionally, but we can help you to find the appropriate hotel or apartment near the UCTC clinic in Kiev, Ukraine.

After receiving your medical information, we will be able to inform you on the personalized price for fetal stem cell treatment of Parkinson’s disease. The price quoted above is an average cost – however, each treatment requires to be set individually for each patient and depends on the complexity of the case, state of the patient, type and number of fetal stem cells to be administered, necessary analysis to be made in our clinic before the treatment.

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How do Fetal Stem Cells Treat Parkinson’s Disease?

UCTC’s Parkinson’s cell therapy with suspensions containing fetal stem cells is most effective at the initial stages of the disease. 85% of patients with Parkinson's disease observe reduced clinical manifestations of the disease, allowing them to reduce the doses of Parkinson’s disease medications.

In all cases, after UCTC treatment the mental state of the patient is improved and patients report:

  • Decreased depression
  • Improved thinking, memory and intelligence.
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced manifestations of vegetative disturbances
  • Normalization in the functioning of the internal organs such as heart, lungs, intestines.

It is an outpatient treatment that lasts for 2 days (3-5 hours a day). Fetal stem cells are administered via intravenous drip-feed infusion, in a particular body cavity, or subcutaneously. This procedure is non-surgical and well-tolerated by the patients. Since fetal stem cells administration is minimally invasive, post-treatment rehabilitation is not required. Our experience of two decades has shown NO side effects.

Parkinson’s disease fetal stem cell treatment in Kiev Ukraine at the UCTC gives positive results in both Wilson's and Parkinson's diseases. UCTC treatment allows almost in 100% of cases to slow down the degeneration process of nervous system and to improve quality of life.

In order to provide more detailed information on effectiveness of fetal stem cell treatment in your specific case, click the contact button below and fill in the form needed for our specialists. If possible, also fill in a detailed description of your present condition (in your own words). Our specialists will analyze this information, and you will be contacted by UCTC specialists to discuss the details of your possible treatment in Kiev, Ukraine.


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