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Best Lung Cancer Centers Europe

Best Centers in Europe for Lung Cancer Treatment

Learning about the diagnosis of lung cancer can be quite traumatic and thus the search for the best treatment begins. For those who have been diagnosed with this type of tumor, it is very important to have the most accurate diagnosis first.

Studies and technological advancements in Europe have brought new and highly-successful cancer treatments and procedures.

Thanks to medical tourism in Europe patients have the possibility to choose the best medical treatment option for them according to their needs. No more compromises, no more disappointments, no more lack of trust and under-trained physicians.

Each treatment option/combination of treatments depends on:

  • The common treatment plans
  • The type and stage of cancer

The treatment for lung cancer in Europe may also include treating for:

  • Symptoms
  • Side effects

The best medical centers in Europe that are specialized in treating the cancer of the lungs, usually perform multiple diagnosis procedures to determine the size and location of the cancer in the lung, and then provide the treatment options, depending on the results of the diagnosis.

Lung Cancer Treatment in Europe

Various Treatments in Europe for Lung Cancer

Each of these therapies are used to reduce and destroy any lung cancer cells that may still be in the body after surgery. It also can decrease the risk of recurrence, though there is always some risk that the cancer will come back.

Traditional Treatments for Lung Cancer

Revolutionary Therapies for Pulmonary Cancer

Surgery for cancer

  • Lobectomy

  • Wedge

  • Segmentectomy

  • Pneumonectomy

  • Radiofrequency ablation

Complementary therapies

Top Oncology Centers In Europe

Prices for cancer treatment in Europe are highly competitive and European hospitals and medical centers offer a wide range of surgical and innovative treatments. You will find the best cancer treatment clinics and hospitals in countries such as Czech Republic, Germany and Spain.

IEO - European Institute of Oncology Milan, Italy

Lung Cancer treatment at European Institute of Oncology Milan Italy banner

Neolife Medical Center Istanbul, Turkey

Lung Cancer Treatment Clinic Neolife Medical Center Istanbul Turkey banner

Istituto Auxologico Italiano Milan Italy

Cancer Treatment in Europe Italy Istituto Auxologico Oncology Center banner

Policlinico Abano Terme, Abano Terme, Italy

Lung Cancer Treatment Package at Policlinico Abano Terme Italy banner

Kent International Hospital Izmir, Turkey

Lung Cancer Treatment Center in Europe Izmir Turkey banner

KCM Clinic Jelenia Gora, Poland

Lung Cancer Treatment Doctors in Europe Jelenia Gora Poland banner

Hirslanden Hospital Group Zurich, Switzerland

Lung Cancer Treatment Center in Europe Zurich Switzerland banner

Medical Center University Freiburg Freiburg, Germany

Cheap Lung Cancer Treatment Clinic Frankfurt Germany banner

Clinique Générale-Beaulieu Geneva, Switzerland

Top Lung Cancer Treatment Hospitals Europe Geneva Switzerland banner

Kliniken Allianz Oncology Center Oberaudorf, Germany

Affordable Lung Cancer Treatment Cost In Europe Oberaudorf Germany banner

European Health Centre Otwock Otwock, Poland


Kardiolita Private Hospital Vilnius Lithuania

Top Lung  Cancer Treatment Medical Centers In Europe Vilnius Lithuania banner

Anadolu Medical Center Istanbul Turkey

Lung Cancer Treatment Procedures In Europe Istanbul Turkey banner

Advantages of revolutionary cancer procedures in Europe:

Most people with lung cancer receive more than one type of treatment from more than one specialist. This is called a multidisciplinary team approach. For example, chemotherapy can be given before or after surgery or before, during, or after radiation therapy.  

  • Minimally invasive procedures

  • Short treatment duration and recovery time

  • Less side effects compared to traditional procedures

  • High precision

  • Can be performed on an outpatient basis

  • Fewer visits to the hospital

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