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Hip Replacement Surgery in Italy


Hip replacement at Villa Donatello in Florence, Italy

For people suffering from arthritis or work related hip pains, a hip replacement surgery might be just the thing they need. The surgery consists of the removal of the damaged hip joint and replacing it with an artificial prosthesis. Depending on the type of the surgery (partial or total) the surgeon removes part of the part of the pelvis that makes up the hip joint and/or the femoral head.

Hip replacement procedures

  • Posterior approach
  • Lateral approach
  • Antero-lateral approach
  • Anterior approach
  • Minimally invasive approach

The advantage of the posterior approach is that it gives the surgeon better access to the acetabulum and femoral head. It also preserves the abductor muscles of the joint, reducing the risk of dysfunctions.

The lateral approach procedure presents a greater risk for the abductor muscles to not heal back on, leading to pain and weakness. On the other hand, this method has a lower dislocation rate.

Benefits of hip replacement surgery:

  • Pain relieve
  • Improved joint function
  • Correction of deformities
  • Improved quality of life, ability to return to normal activities

Procedures and clinics

Villa Donatello, Florence, Italy

Orthopedic Procedures in Florence, Italy, Villa Donatello

Package includes:

  • All specialist's visits and exams related
  • Hip replacement intervention
  • Cost of the prothesis
  • 15 days of hospitalization at our clinic, in a first class room
  • Rehabilitation at our clinic

For patients trying to lead a normal, pain-free life, hip replacement surgery is their best chance. Villa Donatello, in Florence, Italy, is not only sought after by local patients, but also by international healthcare tourists. Their highly specialized medical personnel, top notch medical facility and state of the art equipment make it one of the best choices for people seeking treatment.


If you want to find out more about hip replacement surgery in Italy do not hesitate to contact us!

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