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Sex Reassignment Male to Female Surgery Package in Guadalajara, Mexico

Package price starting from: $10000
Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Sex Change Operation
Av Manuel J. Clouthier 669, Jardines de Guadalupe, Mexico
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Male to Female SexChange Surgery in Guadalajara Mexico

Gender Reassignment Surgery in Guadalajara, Mexico

Affordable Gender Reassignment Male to Female Surgery Package in Guadalajara, Mexico

Make your dream into reality! You can now become a full-fledged female or male individual at Mexico Transgender Center or GRS Mexico in GuadalajaraGRS is headed by Dr. Ivan Aguilar, an expert surgeon for Gender Reassignment. Dr. Ivan is trained and experienced in Genital Reconstruction, Genital Reassignment Surgery, Urology procedures, even Neurology and Pediatric Reconstructive Urology.


Gender Reassignment Surgery Male to Female is employed to confirm the gender by providing a normal-appearing vagina, clitoris and external genitalia at the same time, allowing satisfactory sexual intercourse and achievement of orgasm. The procedure may be performed with the use of penile and scrotal inversion flap, with a modified urethral and new clitoris intravaginal flap for double sensation outside the new clitoris. The vagina will be surgically created through a sigmoid colon vaginoplasty to reach the same success rate for sensational achievement.

At GRS Mexico, we believe that every patient is unique, that's why we recommend an individual case assessment for eligibility. We use the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association eligibility and readiness criteria for transgender adults who wish to undergo reassignment surgery:

  • The legal age of majority (age 18 in the US)
  • Anyone who was assigned male at birth and who identifies as a female or a woman all the time
  • 12 months of prior continuous hormone therapy (HT), unless medically contraindicated
  • 12 months of continuous, successful, full-time, real-life experience
  • An individual has made demonstrable progress in merging gender identity
  • An individual has made progress in improving or continuing stable mental health

Cost, Inclusions, and Exclusions


1. SRS With penile inversion and scrotal vaginal flap, 16 to 18 cm vaginal depth achieved. The price for the package starts from $10,000 approximately.

2. Colon vaginoplasty, perform with the last portion of the colon, 20 to 25 cm vaginal canal achieved; it has fewer complication rates in vaginal stricture and is the procedure that the clinic recommends the most. The vagina with Colon doesn't smell bad, it just needs more care, but it's, overall, better. The cost for this procedure starts from $13,500 approximately.

The stay in Mexico for the surgery is around 10 days: one or two nights at the hospital (depending on the procedure) and the rest of the recovery at the hotel.

The surgeries can be performed in 3 locations:

  • Guadalajara Jalisco at Jardines de Guadalupe hospital
  • Mazatlan a SINALOA at La Marina Hospital
  • Mexicali BCN at Hospital de la Familia

What's included:

  • Initial consultation with your specialist
  • Surgical fees
  • Lab fees
  • Anaesthesiologist fees
  • Operating room fees
  • Two nights hospital stay (one before and one after surgery)
  • Nursing care while in the hospital
  • Meals while in the hospital
  • Medications while in the hospital
  • Ground transportation from San Diego, Yuma, or Palm Springs when surgery is performed in Mexicali, from the airport to hotel in Guadalajara and Mazatlan
  • Case Manager assistance
  • Concierge service
  • 10 days hotel.

What's Not Included:

  • Airfare
  • Meals outside of the hospital
  • Traveling companion meals at the hospital
  • All pre-operative test fees before surgery (blood tests, EKG, Torax X-ray etc.) must be done before coming
  • Tests and procedures relating to major complications.
  • Additional night's stay at the hospital

Benefits of Sex Reassignment Surgery in Mexico

  • Parallels the physical body with the self’s internal experience (also includes the internal experience of the body)
  • enhances distress of dysphoria (state of dissatisfaction)
  • enables the individual to function or fully integrated person


Fulfill your dream of becoming a full-fledged man and woman! To know the treatment pricing, just click the button below to get a FREE quote!



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