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Hip Replacement Surgery in Mexico

Package price starting from: $12500
Treatment: Orthopedic/Knee Surgery, Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total
, Mexico
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Revitalizing Mobility with Hip Replacement Surgery in Mexico

Hip Replacement Surgery in Mexico

The hip replacement surgery is one of the best types of surgery for fixing hips and knees. It's like magic for patients who can barely move and are always in pain. After the surgery, they can usually go back to living a normal life. Most of the time, people need this surgery because of a problem called osteoarthritis. This problem happens when the cushiony material at the end of bones (called cartilage) wears away. When there's no cartilage left, the bones rub together, and that hurts a lot. That's when doctors decide it's time to replace the joint.

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Best Hip Replacement Surgery Packages in Mexico

Discover the best hip replacement surgery packages in Mexico, including options in Cabo san Lucas, Guadalajara, San Jose del Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta. These packages offer comprehensive inclusions such as hospital fees, implant costs, and medical services, while excluding transportation, visa expenses, pre-operative tests, and hotel accommodation.




Cabo san Lucas, Mexico

Cabo Orthopaedics Joint Replacement Clinic

From $12,500


Hospital fees, Implant cost, Surgical team fees, Medication during hospital  stay, 6 nights included at local hotel, and 1 session of physiotherapy 


Transportation and visa expenses, Pre-operative tests, Diagnostic evaluation, and Hotel accommodation.

Guadalajara, Mexico

Dr Gustavo Ramirez Orthopedic Surgeon

From $13,000


2 Hospital days, Medical and consultation fees, and Rent of equipment and prosthesis.


Transportation and visa expenses, Pre-operative tests, and Hotel accommodation.

San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Dr. Rodrigo Aguirre Rojas at H+ Hospital in Los Cabos

From $13,000


Includes hospital, Implant and Dr's fees


Transportation and visa expenses, Pre-operative tests, and Hotel accommodation.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Dr Max Greig Orthopedic Surgeon

From $15,500


The surgical intervention and anesthesia, Administration of prescribed treatment, Hospitalization in a single occupancy room according to the package type, and Food for the patient during the hospitalization period


Transportation and visa expenses, Pre-operative tests, and Hotel accommodation.

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Who can be a candidate for the hip replacement surgery?

Anyone can think about getting hip replacement surgery, but it's mostly for people between 50 and 80 years old. It doesn't really matter how old you are or how much you weigh. Doctors suggest this surgery if you're in a lot of pain and it's hard for you to move around, not just because of your age. Even teenagers with certain arthritis and older folks with worn-out joints can get it done. Lots of clinics in Mexico offer this surgery to people from all over the world.

Advantages of Choosing Hip Replacement Surgery in Mexico

  • It Saves Money: Mexico offers this surgery at a much lower price than many other places. You could save up to 50-70% on all the costs, like hospital and doctor fees, and still get top-notch care.
  • Expert Doctors: Mexico has some really skilled surgeons who know a lot about hip replacements. They've trained a lot and are good at making sure you get better.
  • Great Hospitals: The hospitals in Mexico have the latest technology and are very nice places to be. They make sure you're comfortable and well taken care of.
  • Quick to Get Surgery: Some places make you wait a long time for surgery, but Mexico can get you in fast. This means less time in pain and quicker recovery.
  • Beautiful Places to Recover: After your surgery, you can relax in beautiful spots in Mexico. The lovely beaches and cities make getting better a lot nicer.

5 Pre-Operative Tests for Hip Replacement Surgery

  • X-rays and Scans: Doctors take pictures of your hip to see what's wrong and how to fix it.
  • Blood Tests: These check your overall health and make sure you're ready for surgery.
  • Heart Check (EKG/ECG): This test looks at your heart to make sure it's okay for surgery.
  • Urine Tests: These check your kidneys and for any infections that might affect the surgery.
  • Physical Check-Up: The doctor will give you a full check-up to make sure you're fit for surgery.

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons in Mexico

Dr. Max Greig: He's an expert in hip and knee replacements, as well as other bone and joint surgeries. He's trained in Sports Medicine and Joint Replacement and Shoulder Surgery.

Dr. Juan Antonio Bustamante: He's good at knee and shoulder surgeries and has a lot of experience in other orthopedic surgeries too. He's recognized both in Mexico and internationally.

Dr. Rodrigo Aguirre Rojas: He specializes in joint surgery and has a lot of experience in orthopedics and trauma care.

These doctors are really dedicated to helping you move better and feel less pain. They have a lot of training and experience to make sure you get the best care.



Dr. Max Greg - Orthopedic Surgeon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Dr. Max Grieg

Specialization: Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement, Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery, Meniscus Repair Surgery, ACL Repair,Shoulder Dislocations, Arthroscopic Surgical Treatments, Other bone & Joint Surgeries

Mexican Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon (CMOT)

Fellowships: Sports Medicine visiting Fellowship at Edinburg, Texas 1996 and German Fellowship in Joint Replacement and Shoulder Surgery at Uni-Klinik Muenster 1997-1998

Dr. Juan Antonio Bustamante - Orthopedic Surgeon in Mexicali, Mexico

Dr. Juan Antonio

Specialization: Arthroscopic knee and shoulder, Hip and knee surgery, Fractures in general, Sports medicine.

Degrees (certificates): Orthopedics and Traumatology

Memberships: College of Orthopedics Of Mexicali, International Member of American Academy of Orthopedics surgeons.

Dr. Rodrigo Aguirre Rojas – Orthopedic Surgeon in Mexico

Dr. Rodrigo Aguirre Rojas

Certified Orthopedist and Traumatologist with a fellow in Joint Surgery.

Trained as a General Practitioner in the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua from 2003 to 2010.

Practiced 4 years of Orthopedics and Traumatology (2013-2017) at the National Institute of Rehabilitation (National Autonomous University of Mexico).

Why Choose Hip Replacement Surgery in Mexico

Choosing hip replacement surgery packages in Mexico offers numerous advantages, including cost-effectiveness, access to experienced surgeons, state-of-the-art facilities, shorter wait times, and the opportunity to recover in beautiful locations. By opting for a comprehensive package, patients can ensure a seamless treatment journey that encompasses all necessary services and support, leading to successful outcomes and improved quality of life.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is hip replacement surgery in Mexico safe?

Yes, hip replacement surgery in Mexico is safe. Mexico has a robust healthcare system with modern facilities and experienced surgeons who adhere to international standards of patient care and safety.

How much does hip replacement surgery in Mexico cost?

The cost of hip replacement surgery in Mexico is significantly lower compared to other countries. On average, patients can save 50-70% on medical expenses, including surgery, hospital fees, and post-operative care.

Are the hip replacement surgeons in Mexico qualified and experienced?

Yes, hip replacement surgeons in Mexico are highly qualified and experienced. Many of them have received training and certifications from renowned institutions and possess a wealth of expertise in performing successful hip replacement surgeries.

What is the recovery process like after hip replacement surgery in Mexico?

The recovery process after hip replacement surgery in Mexico involves a combination of pain management, physical therapy, and follow-up consultations. The surgeon and medical team will provide personalized care instructions to ensure a smooth recovery and optimal outcomes.

Can I combine my hip replacement surgery in Mexico with a vacation?

Yes, many patients choose to combine their hip replacement surgery in Mexico with a vacation. Mexico offers beautiful locations, such as coastal areas and vibrant cities, where patients can relax and recover while enjoying the country's rich culture and attractions.

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