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Second Opinion for Gynecological Diseases

Package price starting from: $530
Treatment: Gynecology Treatment
Associated Center: IMC Intermed-Consult
, Germany
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Second Opinion for Gynecological Diseases

Second Opinion for Gynecological Diseases

Since gynecological treatments are continuously improving, it is important for patients to be advised by renowned physicians in the field, who are experienced with the gynecological disorder the patient struggles with. A second opinion is where the patient meets with more than one doctor in order to confirm the diagnosis and also, to better understand the treatment options. Second opinions are quite common and most patients follow this practice, as it can help them to feel more comfortable about their health and the future decisions they make.

Benefits of a Second Opinion Package for Gynecological Diseases

  • Confirm the patient's diagnosis
  • Provide additional details about the type of gynecological disorder
  • Give an accurate location for the gynecological disorder
  • Tell you whether other parts of the patient's body are being affected
  • Also give the patient other treatment options, in case the doctor disagrees with the prior diagnosis and treatment

Cost, Inclusions, and Exclusions for Gynecological Diseases treatment

At IMC Intermed-Consult, the Second Opinion for Gynecological Diseases package's price is ranging approximately between €500 and up to €2,000, depending on the performed examinations.

The package includes the following investigations:

  • Target-oriented anamnesis
  • Physical examination
  • Gynecology related lab tests
  • Hormone status / tumor markers / urine check
  • Gynecological examination
  • Sonography of female reproductive organs
  • MR mammography*
  • MRI of abdomen and pelvis*

(*if indicated)

Why Choose Us Gynecological treatment?

  • Network of academic and clinical experts
  • Flawless diagnostics
  • The clinic works with the latest medical technology
  • Continuously keeping up-to-date with the current state of research in medical sciences
  • Innovative treatments and therapies
  • Inquiries will be personally evaluated by the medical center's renowned physicians and experts

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