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Diabetic Foot Treatment in Havana Cuba

Package price starting from: $6770
Treatment: Chronic Diseases, Diabetes
Associated Center: Basa Medical Tourism Cuba
Focus Area: Diabetic Foot Care | Heberprot-P | Chronic Diseases Treatment | Havana, Cuba

Diabetic Foot Care, Heberprot-P, Chronic Diseases Treatment, Havana, Cuba

Diabetic Foot Treatment in Havana, Cuba


Diabetic Foot Treatment in Havana, Cuba

Diabetes Mellitus is currently one of the most prevalent non-communicable chronic diseases around the globe.

Among the most feared complications include diabetic foot (20% of diabetic patients develop foot ulcers at some point in her life), to be a priority because of physical-motor disabilities. Therefore, it is also a major health problem for healthcare systems around the world.

It is known that 50% of major amputations from any cause are related with Diabetes Mellitus and neuro-vascular complications with high economic and social cost.

Cuba has successfully developed a drug (Heberprot-P), novel and unique, prescribed for therapy of diabetic foot ulcer is a lyophilized sterile, white product, preservative free, for parenteral administration. This product contains factor recombinant human epidermal growth at a dose of 75 ug / bulb.

Benefits of Heberprot-P

  • Stimulates granulation and healing progressive and sustained
  • Reduces the number of surgical interventions
  • Reduces the number of recurrences
  • Reduces healing time and thus derivatives, such as gangrene and infection or super -infection, then the wound is becoming deeper and more tissue debridement is required or may even amputate
  • Reduces costs for hospital stay
  • It increases the quality of life and the functional recovery of the patient.

Price and inclusions

The price for the Diabetic Foot treatment package offered by Basa Medical Tourism Cuba starts at $6,770.


Stay: 4 weeks

The program includes:

  • Initial assessment by the attending physician, nursing care and making medical history.
  • Testing:
  • Laboratory: hemoglobin, hematocrit, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, Leucogram with deferential, minimum Coagulation, creatinine, glucose, glycosylated hemoglobin, cyturia, HIV, Serology (VDRL) quantitative, blood group and Rh factor ,, full Lipidogram
  • Microbiology: Microbiological exudate with Antibiogram
  • Imaging research: Thorax Rx Simple, simple Rx foot, full abdominal ultrasound diagnosis
  • Research Cardiology: Electrocardiogram.
  • Research Angiology: Arterial hemodynamic study
  • Application of 15 vials of Heberprot –P
  • Summary Medical discharge
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • 29 nights hospital stay in private room including meals.
  • Lodging and meals for companion $60 CUC per day extra

Taking into account the classification of the lesion and the patient's progress, treatment may be extended to eight weeks, you can continue the medical program.

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