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Get Your Breast Implants Package in Mexicali, Mexico

Package price starting from: $4400
Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Breast Implants
Focus Area: Breast Implants in Mexicali, Mexico | Dr. Alejandro Paredes

Attractive Breast Implants Package in Mexicali, Mexico

Breast Implants Package in Mexicali, Mexico

Affordable Breast Implants Package in Mexicali, Mexico

Dr. Alejandro Paredes offers an affordable package for Breast Implants in Mexicali, Mexico. Get effective breast surgery in Mexicali today at PlacidWay.

Patients with asymmetric breasts, small boob size or other breast conditions can have Breast Implants. This cosmetic procedure will help you improve your aesthetics and self-esteem.

Dr. Alejandro Paredes is a world-class plastic surgery clinic in Mexicali. Many international patients come here to get affordable and effective breast implants or other plastic surgery.

Benefits of Dr. Alejandro Paredes clinic:

  • Safe and effective plastic surgery
  • English-speaking medical team
  • Board-certified plastic surgeon
  • Affordable breast surgery
  • The latest technology in performing surgery
  • Modern facilities for patient comfort.

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What is a Breast Implants Procedure?

Breast Implants is plastic surgery also known as Breast augmentation. A surgeon places breast implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles.

Breast implants are a wonderful solution to help women feel more confident and improve their breast aesthetics.

Breast Implants Cost in Mexicali by Dr. Alejandro Paredes

The cost of Breast Implants in Mexicali is only $4,400. It’s a fraction of the cost in North America where you would have to pay over $7,000 for the same procedure.

Check the prices below in America, Canada and Mexicali:




Mexicali, Mexico

Breast Implants


United States

Breast Implants



Breast Implants



Note: For more information about the final price, make sure to contact the clinic directly. The price may vary depending on your condition and the complexity of the surgery.

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Advantages of Breast Implants in Mexicali, Mexico by Dr. Alejandro Paredes

  • Natural-looking results
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved aesthetic
  • Corrects asymmetrical breasts


  • Consultations with the surgeon
  • All related surgical costs: surgeons, anesthesia, equipment, hospital stay, nursing care.
  • Meals and medications included while stay at Hospital
  • 1 night stay at the Hospital 
  • Personal host in Mexicali and Hospital dedicated to your travel itinerary.
  • Case Manager Assistance Bilingual
  • Transportation service from Yuma Arizona Airport


  • Airfare
  • Accommodation

Payment Options:  Cash, Credit and Debit Cards.

Best Plastic Surgeons in Mexicali at Dr. Alejandro Paredes

Dr. Alejandro Paredes is the best plastic surgeon in Mexicali. He has thousands of satisfied patients and numerous international training.

Other credentials that make Dr. Paredes the best surgeon are:

  • Practice Specialty: Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Certifications:

Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk (COFEPRIS)


  • Experience: 15+ years
  • Speaks Spanish and English

Why Choose Breast Implants in Mexicali, Mexico?

Rich history and culture, diverse cuisine and lively nightlife are what attract thousands of tourists to Mexicali. The city is also home to a number of excellent museums, galleries, and parks.

Mexicali is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the best of what Mexico has to offer. Here are several tourist places you can visit:

  • Museo Sol del Nino

  • Canon de Guadalupe 

  • Catedral de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe

FAQs about Breast Implants in Mexicali

What should I expect after the Breast Implants procedure?

After Breast Implants procedure you can expect to have more appealing breasts. It will definitely improve your confidence but you must have realistic expectations.

Discuss your goals with your plastic surgeon to know what breast augmentation can do for you.

Are the results of Breast Implants permanent?

The results of breast implants are not permanent, but with proper care they can last 10 years and more. After that period, you might need to have revision surgery, about which you should discuss with a surgeon.

Am I a good candidate for Breast Implants?

You are a good candidate for breast implants if you have realistic expectations. That’s the first important thing. Other factors to keep in mind before going for breast implants surgery are:

  • You have good physical health
  • You don’t smoke and drink alcohol
  • You are mentally strong

What is the recovery process like?

The recovery period depends on each person individually. Someone can go back a few days to daily activities after the surgery. Others need more time to recover.

Your surgeon has to be able to tell you what care to maintain in order to recover faster and with minor pain.

Get Your Breast Implants Package in Mexicali, Mexico Today!

Get an effective Breast Implants package in Mexicali today and improve your appearance. At Dr. Alejandro Paredes, we provide you with an all-inclusive package for Breast Implants in Mexicali. Contact us now for more information!

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