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Package Details

Unilateral Knee / Hip Replacement for USD 5000 with 4 days stay in the Center

Unilateral Knee Replacement

Knee pain is caused by injuries arthritis and infections. Depends of the nature of the problem you can treat this pain with rehabilitation or you may need one surgery. It is important to consult a doctor for proper advice as soon as the symptoms are evident. This procedure is used for treating severe arthritis of the knee. This procedure is a type of minimally invasive surgery, the idea is to remove only the damaged areas of cartilage from the joint and leave any healthy parts of the joint for continued use.

If your knee pain is so severe that it causes difficulty in walking and performing daily activities, knee replacement might be called for. However it is mandatory that these symptoms be taken to a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. Doctors try and delay the procedure for as long as possible by using non-invasive treatment.

However if the disease is in an advanced stage, knee replacement is a means to achieve relief from pain as well as return to daily activities.

For preparing the unilateral knee replacement do not forget to inform the doctor about any medication that you may be taking. A few routine pre-surgery tests will also be performed. The surgery can result in blood loss which will require transfusion. So you might be asked to donate a few units of your own blood prior to surgery.

Unilateral Hip Replacement

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which the hip joint is replaced by a prosthetic implant. Diseased ball and socket is removed and replaced with a metal ball and stem, referred to as the prosthesis, in a surgery that takes approximately 1 hour. After surgery patient is allowed to recuperate in a recovery room for a period of up to 4 hours.

After surgery you will receive medication to control pain is given using a PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) pump. Patients administer the prescribed dose of medication on their own. Patients are encouraged to actively move their lower extremities in order to mobilize venous blood and prevent blood clots.

Medications to thin the blood and prevent clots are also administered. The patient can walk with support on the second day after surgery. If there are no complications, the patient can be discharged after 72 hours. And in a month, he/she can return to their regular work.

Package Includes:

  • Investigations
  • OT charges
  • Anesthesia Charges
  • Surgeon's Fee
  • Procedure Cost
  • Physiotherapy during the stay in the center
  • Drugs and Consumables related to the surgery
  • 24*7 monitoring by nursing and medical care
  • Food and Beverages for the patient
  • Complimentary pick and drop to the Airport
  • Complimentary stay for the companion in the guest house till the
  • patient is in the hospital (Maximum up to 4 days in Unilateral and 7 days in Bilateral)
  • Implant: Metal implant for Knee Replacement
  • And Cemented implant for Hip Replacement

Package Excludes:

  • All expenses for stay beyond the package period
  • Professional charges of other consultants
  • Any other additional procedure
  • Use of special drugs/ consumables
  • Blood products
  • Complex lab investigation
  • Physiotherapy sessions post discharge

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