Giostar Mexico

Giostar Mexico

Cancun, Mexico

Fase II, Av.10 lote 1 local 46, Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo Fraccionamiento, Playacar, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R.

Focus Area: Stem Cell Therapy| Heart Disease | Liver Disease | Neurological Diseases | Alzheimer Stem Cell Therapy Mexico, Diabetes, Parkinson's Disease Therapy, Alzheimer's, ALS, Osteoarthritis, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cell Therapy, Los Algodones, Mexico

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Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico

Welcome to Giostar Mexico

For more than 15 years, GIOSTAR has been the leading Stem Cell company in the world, innovating the field of stem cell therapy with new procedures based on scientific research. In Giostar Mexico, we continue to develop treatments for degenerative diseases based on unique and state-of-the-art stem cell-based therapies and products.

GIOSTAR Mexico is a provider of stem cell therapy with research based in the United States. The medical center helps patients from all over the world making an impact in their lives by helping them live longer and healthier lives. We provide autologous and allogeneic stem cell therapy for anti aging, muscular injuries and degenerative diseases with quality attention and service. 


Meet Dr. Anand Srivastava

Dr. Anand Srivastava is the Chairman, Cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer of GIOSTAR, and an experienced research leader and innovator in the regenerative sciences field. He has collaborated with prominent universities and research institutions in the United States with several stem cells science related projects. Dr. Anand published his work in peer-reviewed medical scientific journals and his work has been cited extensively by other scientists. Also, his research work has been presented in various national and international scientific meetings and conferences in India, Japan, Germany, and USA. Thanks to his work, people now have an option to improve their life under Dr. Anand’s original and approved protocols.

Stem Cell Therapy in Los Algodones, Mexico


Treatments and procedures

- Diabetes - Lupus - Multiple Sclerosis - Chron's - Vasculitis - Alzheimer's - Anti-Aging - Autism - Chronic Pain - ALS - Cardiovascular Diseases - Cerebral Palsy -

- Erectile Dysfunction - Muscular Dystrophy - Liver Diseases - Osteoarthritis - COPD - Parkinson's - Stroke - Spinal Cord Injury - Spinal Muscular Atrophy -

Stem Cell Therapy Specialists in Los Algodones, Mexico

Medical team 

  • Dr. Édgar Márquez - Medical Director - Giostar Mexico Playa del Carmen
  • Dr. Alfonso Fung - Specialty Doctor - Giostar Mexico Playa del Carmen
  • Dr. Daniel Garza - Medical Director - Giostar Mexico Los Algodones
  • Dr. Carlos Rodríguez - Medical Director - Hospital San Javier (Giostar Mexico Associate)


Stem Cell Therapy Procedures in Los Algodones, Mexico

Why choose GIOSTAR?


  • GIOSTAR has international presence.
  • Highly trained medical team.
  • We conduct our own research is the US.
  • We have developed our own protocols.
  • Personalized therapy for every patient.
  • Our primary goal is to make a positive and significant difference in your life.
  • Innovative medical procedures.
  • Modern and equipped facilities to provide successful stem cell therapy.
  • State-of -the-art equipment.
  • Our doctors evaluate your health history for free.
  • We only approve patients that we are positive we can help. 
  • As a medical tourist you will always have the assistance you need from our patient coordination team.
  • Transportation from the nearest airport included.
  • Special hotel deals and rates. 

Why Mexico?

Mexico's fame as a medical tourism destination has quickly risen, thanks to the excellent medical attention given and the first-rate services that it offers to its visitors, coupled with the hospitality and warmth of its people. Mexico offers its visitors amazing views and a variety of activities, but also high-class medical facilities and experienced surgeons. More and more people are realizing the importance of accessing quality medical attention at reasonable costs, while the beautiful surroundings and attention during recovery make it easy to concentrate on getting well.


If you need more information about the services offered by GIOSTAR Mexico, please contact us!

Stem Cell Therapy Los Algodones, Mexico


We provide personalized stem cell therapy, meaning although you may have the same medical condition as another person, variables such as your health, lifestyle, nutrition, deterioration, side effects of previous treatments, etc., are considered when our doctors design your protocol for therapy to ensure the best possible outcome. This may result in the variation of prices of the therapy even when treating the same medical condition.



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