Indo Arduino

Indo Arduino

Malang, Indonesia

Jl. Galunggung no.38 kav.i, Malang,

Focus Area: Indo Arduino | Malang | Indonesia | Laser Suergery

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Located in Malang, Indonesia and specializing in Laser Surgery,Indo Arduinos main goal is to treat conditions with a wide range of medical devices, by choosing proper devices for each and every case. The treatments and procedures available include: bunio

Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery Treatment Abroad aser surgery, quite simply, uses a laser beam instead of a scalpel during a surgical procedure. Laser surgery is quite common when performing soft tissue operations and surgical procedures. Technically, laser surgery is the technique that utilizes a laser beam that literally vaporizes soft tissue. Laser surgery has become more common in recent years due to great strides in technology and equipment. Equipment, such as the da Vinci robotic surgical system, allows precise laser propulsion surgery techniques as well as computer assisted surgical techniques. Lasers emit light and produce modulations or wavelength of frequency of light in order to produce heat. Laser technologies can literally "slash" or open tissues much like a scalpel, but rather than steel, utilize heat to create a surgical opening. Because heat is used, veins and other tissues are immediately cauterized, reducing bleeding. Short wavelength lasers are known as vi... More Information

Sample Pricing of Laser Surgery

Cheapest Laser Surgery price is $400. Average Laser Surgery cost $2480, where prices can go as high as $3500. PlacidWay Medical Tourism provides cost comparisons for Laser Surgery in different countries worldwide. Explore Laser Surgery prices worldwide.
  • Bunion Removal cost from $3500 by Laser Foot Surgery Specialist, Orlando, United States
  • Bunion Removal cost from $3500 by KCM Clinic, Jelenia Góra, Poland
  • Heel Spurs cost from $3000 by Laser Foot Surgery Specialist, Orlando, United States
  • Fungus Toenail cost from $400 by Laser Foot Surgery Specialist, Orlando, United States
  • Hammer Toes Treatment cost from $2000 by Laser Foot Surgery Specialist, Orlando, United States
  • cost from $ by , ,
  • Gynaecomastia cost from $4000 by Hasan Findik Md, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Tooth Extraction cost from $50 by Dental Solutions Los Algodones, Los Algodones, Mexico
  • Maxillofacial Surgery cost from $158 by Tanfer Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Neck Lift cost from $2000 by Dr. Eduardo Mejia Plastic Surgeon, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
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