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Strada Episcopul Vulcan, No. 105, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania, Bucharest, Romania
Specialty: Dentistry
Focus Area: Dental Treatment at Bucharest, Romania | Best Dental Implantologist | Clinica Implant Eladent | Dental Implantology | Dentistry | Bucharest | Romania | Orthodontics | Periodontology | Odontology | Teeth Whitening

Clinica Implant Eladent Profile Overview

Dental Implantology & Cosmetic Dentistry at Clinica Implant Eladent, Bucharest, RomaniaDental Implantology & Cosmetic Dentistry at Clinica Implant Eladent, Bucharest, Romania

Like any dental treatment, the success of a dental implant depends on the expertise of the dentist and the dental staff involved in the procedure. It is important to evaluate the profile and experience of the dental implantologist before enrolling for a treatment procedure.

Let us introduce to you Clinica Implant Eladent that has been the talk of the town ever since its establishment in Bucharest, Romania. This dental clinic offers you the best treatment for your needs. Well-trained physicians, with distinct competencies form the dental treatment team and cover the entire area of dental treatments.

The dental team makes it a purpose to provide quality and professional treatments and guarantee a positive result and good health for every patient. Choosing Clinica Implant Eladent, you get comfortable and precise dental treatment with updated vision and equipment.

Treatments and Procedures:


Restoration of a single tooth to bridges and prostheses on implants


  • Tooth extraction
  • Apical resections
  • Sinus lift
  • Dental molar dentistry
  • Bone addition


  • Modern methods of dental cosmetics
  • Whitening treatments
  • Ceramic and composite facades
  • Prosthetic restoration of dental porcelain of the front teeth destroyed by cavities or fractures


  • Mobile orthodontic device
  • Fixed orthodontic device
  • Metallic bracelets
  • Bracelets (Sapphire)


  • Prophylaxis of gingival disorders
  • Treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Treatment of occlusal balancing of periodontal teeth
  • The muco-periodontal chrurgical treatment (flap operations and sub-gingival curettage)


  • Complete and complex treatment of tooth decay and pain
  • Photopolymerizable physiognomic fillers
  • Hypersensitivity treatment
  • The use of bio-materials under coronary obstructions, to preserve the vitality of the tooth
  • Radical fillings using modern techniques, condensation and non-irritating sealing materials


  • Toothpaste with whitening agents
  • Home Solutions Kit
  • Whitening in the dental office

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  • Georgiana

    Dr. Mariana Cosev is AWESOME
    Mrs. Vasi Assistant is cute and happy every day.
    The materials are super quality at a very good price and the work is top notch. They work with care, attention and further you can go and leave a comment on the post if you liked Eladent. Don’t forget, ask for an appointment with Mrs. Cosev

    Google Apr 18 2022
  • Andreea

    Mrs. Dr. Greta Codreanu is an excellent doctor. The child goes without fear to the dance, stays calm and knows how to approach the child to. Peace in carrying out the procedures. Clean, it disinfects itself. We adults were also treated by dance, without pain or other problems after our interventions.

    Google May 20 2022
  • Iancu

    I recommend Dr. Marianna Cosev! I have been to dentists before, but she is at her best compared to everyone. Quality! You can tell he likes what he does.

    Google Aug 03 2022

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