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  • soonsieng 2013-06-09 malaysia

    I had an uncomfortable feeling with Balgeun clinic after visiting this clinic on Saturday noon for ICL for second opinion since i was advised for Lasek with DreamEye Centre. DaVinci Cyrstaline and ACE for LASIK was recommended by Dr Kang after a thorough eye check. Dr Kang only deal with clinical part. I was confused as i was recommended for Lasek by Dream Eye center which i later find out from the staff that Dream Eye center will recommend Lasek for most foreigner because of their short stay in Korea. But i decided to go with Balgeun as Dr Kang said he recommended Lasik based on the my eye check up and he didnt recommend me for ICL as it can develop cataract as early as 1 year after surgery. To him, Lasik is better for me factor in my age 30+++, high mypio -6.50 to -5.5, mild astigmatism and large pupil, and thick cornea. The only thing i need to worry about is my dry eye problem and night glare which may also develop with ICL. I was quoted 2.2mil won (Lasik), 4.4mil won (ICL), all excluding medication prior to eye check up. However, i was offered a reduction price to 1.8mil for Lasik after eyecheck up, but i need to pay 100,000 WON for the DNA testing. I was also made to pay a deposit of 200,000 WON for fear that foreigner, maybe only refer to me, might elope, hence the eye checkup is NOT complimentary. Another uncomfortable experience was they couldnt explained on the spot as to why i was charged 100k won and 200k won separately via my credit card. Out of desperation for the surgery, I paid 300k in total via credit card. But nothing was given to me after payment, except my Credit card payment slip.(I expected a payment receipt or an invoice) After i reached home, i do more research on the website and realised not much review posted for this clinic. I came to know about this clinic via KMH global website and i thought since it was approved by Korean government,official partner of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), Medical Korea, and the City of Seoul, Gangnam-Gu Medical Tourism and more , it must be most reliable and famous. But to my surprise, even the "discount" price quoted by Balguen is in fact the highest among any other reviews by foreigner and not much review by foreigner. I hope i havent made any expensive experience. Next, i realised that the DNA swab taken from my mouth to rule out Avellino Dystrophy,is not common for Asian; it is a genetically disorder inherited from Italian province of Avellino. I have discussed with my husband and we both find that the transaction was not transparent, the DNA test unnecessary and I would like further explanation with regards to the DNA testing and the payment. If we are not satisfied with their explanation, I hope they will refund all my deposit and not proceed with LASIK at their center. I admitted that i didnt do enough research prior to visiting the clinic and I regret to not to think twice before placing my payment as i was too desperate to get it done. I hope this clinic will do it best to regain my confidence. Shall update you all again soon for next discussion session with Balgeun Eye Center.

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