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Chronic diseases or in specific multiple chronic diseases (also known as multi-morbidity) is becoming the new epidemic in America (and perhaps in many other places around the globe) for not only the elderly populations but also the pediatric, younger adult and older adult populations. I am talking about thousands of patients with diverse combinations of multiple chronic diseases.  In Far East countries like China – Korea – Japan and other countries people enjoy good healthy life and also enjoy long life.

We constantly see in our family or in friends’ circle that people suffer from chronic diseases. They go on taking medicines- spend lot and lots of money but never get healthy. The reason is people often miss out effective therapies, and lack the information and support they need to get healthy.

Multiple chronic diseases in elderly populations, pediatric, younger adult and older adult populations are because of lack of understanding or neglecting healing powers which are already present in human body.

Human body has already got power to fight against any disease. Body has all ingredients to make healing by its own. Everyone needs to know how to cooperate with the body's restorative powers. Helping the restorative power of body will cure any morbid chronic disease. By stimulation of life energy within the body; complete cure from chronic diseases is possible. Great health naturally is certainly something that' so easy to achieve or obtain. But it's so easily pushed aside, forgotten or denied.

We have to understand thoroughly in details about chronic diseases. Humble and short effort is made to give you idea and how to get easy cure from chronic diseases.

Epidemiology of Chronic Disease

  1. Chronic disease or multiple chronic disease is very often due to disharmony of the mind and body- the disease is just an end product of that internal disharmony (homeostasis). Once internal disharmony is corrected, the body naturally regains its vitality and diseases will be cured.
  2. Chronic or long standing diseases cannot be prevented or cured only by allopathic medication.
  3. Today's medical theories lead us to see 'disease' as a purely mechanical consequence of physical body. Unfortunately, this style of treating the disease ignores imbalance and internal harmony (homeostasis) and the treatment merely attempts to temporarily restore balance.
  4. Multiple Chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis etc… have a prolonged course of illness. Most of allopathic drugs don't correct the pathology. To cover ailment of each disease, multiple drugs are employed. All these drugs only suppress disease and do not cure from root cause.  Long-term use of drugs never get people cured, and patient slowly deteriorate due to side effects of the drugs, developing of poor immune function, advancing age problem and as time goes by, more problems are “discovered,”- more organs are involved so more drugs are prescribed. Drastic surgeries are also employed. At some point the conditions can become so severe that just do nothing and wait for end.
  5. This is where we must have to adjust our thinking toward consideration of the alternative system of medicine like ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy …etc.  Doctor’s treatment should be to cooperate with the body's restorative powers. By this way tremendous suffering can be avoided, but the essentiality is right method of treatment should be employed. People often miss out effective therapies, and lack the information and support they need.
  6. Chronic diseases can be cured through combined approach of various systems of medicine. One will be amazed to see the result after employing right systems of medicine.
  7. Hearing the name of diseases we immediately think on line of how it has occurred – what are the causes and what diet change is required. We go on taking medicine,  change the diet or submit for surgery but we do not ask question whether this procedure or medicine or surgery will have final cure? We hardly think or believe that alternative medicine can correct such pathology.
  8. The truth is alternative medicine can avoid many surgeries. Alternative medicine covers a broad range of healing philosophies, approaches, and therapies.
  9. History of alternative is long for many many years and has sustained time testing. So it is easy to understand that combine approach can give best result.
  10. Modern medicine is organ specific; hence various specialties like… ophthalmologists, cardiologists, nephrologists, neurologists… etc. Each specialist treats their own disease by aggressive intervention or powerful drugs and focus is often on treating the disease and not the person.
  11. Alternative medicine makes body in absolutely natural condition – physically and spiritually. Alternative medicine as it stimulates life energy within the body; complete cure from chronic diseases is possible.
  12. God has created such system that, the healing forces are present within the body. We should assist the body’s natural state (homeostasis) by cooperating with body’s efforts to heal. So that body gets cure from disease and its root cause is removed.
  13. Now Alternative medicine is not "alternative" at all, but rather the basis of the health care system. In USA modern and advanced hospitals have started “Alternative medicine department”.
  14. Patients should be treated as per their own constitution and requirements. Just after start of the treatment by alternative medicines all patients gets satisfaction and definite improvement is there in very short time. It is amazing to see the results of alternative medicines. Alternative medicine offers positive health changes.
  15. Efforts, properly made with understanding, can cure and prevent disease by removing basic factors.

In how much time - which diseases can be cured by alternative medicines?

Cure in short time (3 to 4 months)

  • Flatulence –Dysentery –Constipation-Acidity
  • Stress – Depression - Headache
  • Throat - Allergy – Chronic Cold - Cough
  • Pregnancy Related Problems
  • Acne – Boil -Abscess
  • Skin-Itching - Urticaria

Cure in moderate time (6 to 9 months)

  • Liver Diseases – Fissure –Piles- Ulcer
  • Old Age Problems - Premature Senility
  • Neuralgia –Insomnia -Twitching
  • Heart Function - Hypertension
  • Infertility- Male Problem –Menopause- Prostate
  • Back Ache- Spondilitis –Gout -Joint Pain
  • Hair-Fall / Dandruff -Skin Warts

Cure in long time (12 to 18 months)

  • Child Growth And Behavior Problems
  • Vertigo
  • Arthritis –Osteoarthritis -Spinal Affection
  • Obesity
  • Eczema


by: Dr. Prakash Shah

2013-04-25 / Updated on: 2021-01-08

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