Nigerians Venture to India for Healthcare

Middle-class Nigerians are venturing beyond African borders for affordable and quality healthcare services in destinations such as India, where family members may benefit from excellent, quality, and affordable treatments in a multitude of medical fields, including eye care, dental care, wellness programs, alternative treatments, cancer therapies, orthopedic surgical procedures, cardiac care, and chronic illness treatments.

It has long been known that the overall healthcare system in Nigeria has suffered in recent years caused by social and economic difficulties. Millions of Nigerians are seeking more adequate medical care or health care systems to treat infants, children or adults for a multitude of illnesses and disease processes, and they're looking outside their own borders to do so.

Medical Travel for Nigerians Points to India
Health care services are extremely limited in this poor African country, leaving millions of families burdened by staggering costs of medical or healthcare, costs that prevent many from seeking any healthcare services whatsoever. Finding adequate and quality healthcare is also extremely difficult, and substandard products in technology and healthcare services adds to the burden. Because of such, Nigerians are looking for quality and affordable healthcare elsewhere.

For many years, Nigeria has suffered from a lack of a comprehensive national health plan that meets the needs of all age groups and demographics in this central African country. Middle-class and upper income Nigerians are traveling to India to meet those needs, in everything from vaccinations to physical therapy to hip replacements and cardiac care.
Multiple global organizations visit Nigeria on a yearly basis, but it is still not enough to meet the needs of her citizens.

Whether it's for heart surgery, eye surgeries, cosmetic procedures or orthopedics or wellness or preventive medical care, the people of Nigeria are flocking to India for treatment in state-of-the-art in high-tech facilities to receive care, treatments and procedures from highly trained experts in a variety of medical fields and specialties.

Medical tourism is growing in popularity in African Counties as it is in other countries around the world, enhanced by affordable procedures, quality care and the best in high-tech equipment. Online Internet resources accessible by millions around the world offer up-to-date, reliable and well researched information regarding a multitude of medical destinations to suit most medical needs. Having such access can mean the difference between obtaining affordable and quality healthcare or living in substandard health conditions that cause many inhabitants to suffer and die from otherwise preventable disease and illness processes.

India Offers Hope
India offers quality and expert yet very affordable health care for travelers from African nations, the Middle East, Latin America, and the United States. Facilities in India provide opportunities for Nigerians and other international travelers to obtain and benefit from procedures and techniques in vision care, dental and cosmetic surgeries, wellness programs as well as treatments, procedures and surgeries in orthopedic, cardic, and musculoskeletal disorders.

Nigeria is facing a health care crisis, prompting Nigerians as well as government officials to travel to India for medical checkups, and treatments and procedures in a multitude of medical fields. Medical travel destinations such as India provide facilities located in cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai and Gurgaon and Kottayam for Nigerians to seek treatment for chronic diseases, cancer treatments, alternative medicine, general medicine, vision or LASIK care, Dental and a multitude of other medical specialties and fields.

Locations such as the Artemis Health Institute, ConfiSmile Dental Spa, Sahara Medical and Makewell Medical and more are found within Indian borders, offering traditional therapeutics as well as some of the best Indian hospitals as well as surgeons in India that provide world-class expertise, technology and facilities to meet their needs.

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