Knee Replacement for Young People in Chennai, India

The Benefits of Oxinium knee replacement, Traveling to India for Knee Replacement

Best Knee Replacement for Young People in Chennai, India

Play high school sports, or just at having some fun with your friends? Young people suffer knee joint injuries just as older individuals - injuries that may sideline sports careers, mobility, and range of motion. Older individuals aren't the only ones who experience pain, loss of mobility, or a more sedentary lifestyle due to a knee injury. More younger men and women are experiencing joint pain, lack of mobility and frozen knees caused by end-stage arthritis, osteoporosis, and other medical conditions that typically afflict older individuals.

One of the newest technologies in total knee replacement is called the Oxinium knee replacement joint. Unfortunately, the procedure in the United States is staggering, often ranging between $65,000 and $75,000. Most parents can't afford that kind of surgery for their teens, but in India, such procedures restore mobility and flexibility for about $12,000.

Oxinium Knee Replacement

In the past, orthopedic surgeons have been reluctant to offer young men and women knee joint replacement surgical options because their activity levels are naturally higher than older patients, and most conventional knee implants typically last only last between 10 and 15 years. Some Oxinium knee implants on the other hand could last for 30 - 35 years and have been cleared by the FDA. Read on..

However, newer technologies have developed improved materials for knee prosthesis such as ceramics or ceramic coated metal joint prosthesis, but even those don't meet the needs of this younger group of more active individuals requiring knee joint replacement.

A new material called Oxinium is a type of oxidized zirconium that has been successfully utilized for both hip and knee implants for several years. Oxinium knee joints are designed of metal composites coated with ceramic and then infused and coated with oxygen to create an extremely durable and long-lasting joint replacement.

Oxinium prosthetic joints received the approval of the FDA in 1996, and are designed to last nearly 90 times longer than traditional knee joints. This makes the Oxinium implant highly acceptable for younger individuals suffering from limited range of motion, pain, stiffness and lack of mobility caused by knee injuries or medical conditions.

Oxinium for prosthetic joints are also easy for the body to tolerate as they are created of bio- compatible elements that won't skew immune system function. Oxinium also replaces nickel as a prosthetic component, enabling individuals who were formally allergic to nickel to receive the implant. To date, Oxinium implants have been performed throughout the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia, as well as at the Madras Joint Replacement Center in Chennai, India.

The Benefits of Oxinium

Finally, there is hope for younger patients requiring knee surgery. Because of its durability, Oxinium implants are especially effective for implantation with active, younger patients who will naturally cause more wear and tear on their knee replacements than has been naturally acceptable in the past.

In India, Oxinium joint replacement surgical procedures are done with three designs available, depending on need. Oxinium (oxidized zirconium) knee implants are manufactured by Smith and Nephew Knee Systems and offer, according to their website design specifications:

  • Non degrading sterilization
  • Increased contact area
  • Improved patellar tracking
  • Highly polished tibial base plate
  • Tightest tibial insert locking mechanism

The Oxinium knee joint is a combination of the best in metals and ceramics that offers excellent wear resistance, created through a combination of Zirconium, of the titanium family, and Zirconia, an extremely wear resistant ceramic compound, and Zr - 2.5Nb, a zirconium metallic alloy coated with oxygen and niobium for additional strength and durability.

Traveling to India for Knee Replacement

Individuals, young and old alike, traveling to the Madras Joint Replacement Center in India may be assured they are receiving the best in quality care from qualified, certified and highly experienced joint replacement surgeons such as Dr. A.K. Venkatachalam. In addition to receiving the best in care from knee replacement surgeries in India, travelers from Europe, Britain, the Middle East, and North and South America also save tens of thousands of dollars in medical care at the world renowned Madras Joint Replacement Center in Chennai. Located on the seaside, Chennai is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India, offering visitors a stress free vacation and the best options for orthopedic surgery in India.

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