Dental Clinics in Mexico

Enhance Your Smile 16 Top Rated Dental Clinics in Mexico ? Save Up to 70%!

Dental Clinics in Mexico provides you with the best solution to enhance your smile and keep your teeth intact for the long term. Based on the American Dental Association (ADA), Dental Treatments abroad is the action of traveling to another country in order to obtain advanced medical treatments related to dental procedures. And which country is it?  Yes, Mexico!

As everybody know, Dental Clinics in Mexico are known for their affordable costs, so that patients can even save more money for high-quality dental treatments So far, millions of US and Canadian patients have received satisfactory dental work in Mexico, and many of them have provided positive feedback.

There are many choices of popular Dental Treatments in Mexico, ranging from Smile Makeover, Dental Implants, All on 4, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Crowns, Dental Veneers, Denture, and so on.

Here PlacidWay will compile to you 16 Top Rated Dental Clinics in Mexico that can enhance your smile, and provide pocket-friendly treatments that can save your money up to 70% than similar treatments in your home country. Let's check it out!

Dental Clinics in Los Algodones, Mexico

1. All on X: All on X Dental Studio is one of the leading dental care providers in Mexico. Located in Los Algodones, they have a  team of expert dentists in Los Algodones and support of top-notch technology.

All on x Dental Clinic in Los Algodones

2. Easy Dental: Easy Dental offers the highest standard of Dental Treatments and is well known as the provider of the best dental implant results in Los Algodones. 

Easy Dental Clinic Los Algodones

3. Marietta: Marietta Dental Care is a premier dental care clinic located in Los Algodones, Mexico providing experience and innovative dental techniques.

Marietta Dental Care

4. Sani Dental: With many years of expertise, SANI DENTAL GROUP has developed new service and top quality specifications for Los Algodones dentists.


5. Navarro: Dental Implant in Los Algodones Mexico by Navarro will provide you with a choice of experienced and satisfying dental services. 

Navarro Clinic Los Algodones

6. Rancherito: Rancherito Dental is the leading destination for cosmetic dental care, surgical dentistry, and restorative dentistry in Los Algodones, Mexico.

Rancherito Dental Los Algodones

Dental Clinics in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

7. Dental Artistry & World Dental Center: Dental Artistry Dental Center is one of the leading cosmetic dental care providers in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. They provide a top-notch CAD/CAM Modern technology laboratory. 

Dental Artistry & World Dental Center

Dental Clinics in Cancun, Mexico

8. Dentaris: Top Dental Clinic in Cancun Mexico by Dentaris Is located in one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Dentaris is Quintana Roo's leading dental clinic since 1983, with offices in Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

Dentaris Cancun

9. Sani: Sani Dental Group is one of the biggest dental service providers in Mexico established since 1985 and has become the mighty dental care group today.

Sani Dental Cancun

Dental Clinics in Tijuana, Mexico

10. Liberty Dental: Liberty Dental Clinic, situated in Tijuana, Mexico provides the latest services in dental technology to ensure its patients satisfactory.

Liberty Dental Clinic Tijuana

11. DENTT: DENTT Dental Design is the one-stop solution for your dental. This clinic provides effective dental packages and treatments for its patients to exceed their expectations.

DENTT Dental Design Tijuana

12. I Love My Dentist: I love My Dentist is a renowned dental clinic located in Tijuana, Mexico. Patients coming here benefit from the most suitable and highest quality dental treatment possible. 

I Love My Dentist Tijuana

Dental Clinics in Mexicali, Mexico

13. DG Dental: DG Dental is located in Mexicali, Mexico. Blocks away from the border with Calexico, CA providing general dentistry & Implants in one place!

DG Dental Mexicali

Dental Clinics in Cabo, Mexico

14. Pure: PURE Smile Makeover Center is a dental care clinic that provides a wide range of services for local and international patients located in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. 

PURE Smile Makeover Center

Dental Clinics in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

15. Smile Vallarta: Smile Vallarta is a modern dental office located in the beautiful Mexican resort of Puerto Vallarta with 15 years of experience offering affordable dental care.

Smile Vallarta

Dental Clinics in Matamoros, Mexico

16. Dr. Alfredo Pedraza: Dr. Alfredo Pedraza, Orthodontics and Dental Clinic is a comprehensive Dental Clinic with 18 years of experience, and professional dentists.

Dr. Alfredo Pedraza

Price Comparison of Dental Treatments in Mexico vs. Other Countries

Dental Treatments in Mexico is indeed a very trendy choice among tourists. The low Dental Cost in Mexico occurs because of many factors, including the government subsidizing a lot of dental education, the cost of living in Mexico is affordable, and many more. In addition, many top Dentists in this country continue to update their abilities by attending workshops or courses at various dental educational institutions. Thus, It's not surprising that dental vacation in Mexico is worthed to be chosen. For more information, here is a table comparing prices for Dental Treatments in Mexico vs. other countries.


Cost in Mexico

Cost in US

Cost in Canada

Smile Makeover




Cosmetic Dentistry




Dental Implants




All on 4




All on 6




All on 8









Note: Price may be different for each clinic depends on complexity of treatments and patients current condition. Please follow price policy of each clinic you choose and don?t hesitate to ask their customer support.

Magnify Your Smile Amazingly with Top Rated Dental Clinics in Mexico!

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