Farouk and Najat traveled to Chennai, India to enjoy the benefits of the best in knee replacement surgical procedures, expertise and experience at the Madras Joint Replacement Center. Two weeks later, sitting in the comfort of their home in Baghdad, Farouk and Najat sat down to write a letter of thanks to Dr. A.K. Venkatachalam, world-renowned orthopedic surgeon at the Madras Joint Replacement Center.

"We will never forget the care and personal interest you have shown to your patients, writes Farouk. "Yesterday, Najat visited her orthopedic specialist, whom she used to visit before going to India. He had an x-ray taken for her right knee as a matter of interest. When he saw the x-ray, he was really impressed by the masterly work you have achieved in the knee replacement operation. We shall certainly not forget to encourage people planning to go to India for knee replacement to contact you."

It's testimonials and feedback like this that provide Dr. Venkatachalam the greatest pleasure. His years of experience and his excellent qualifications and experience continue to grow his reputation around the world as one of the finest orthopedic joint replacement surgeons offering accessible and affordable joint replacement surgical procedures in India.

Farouk and his 74-year-old wife travelled to Chennai after accessing medical resources and information through PlacidWay, an international medical facilitator and information resource based in Denver, Colorado. After her double knee replacements, Najat and her husband are ecstatic about the results and have been busy spreading the word regarding their positive experiences.

Oxinium Knee Replacement in Chennai
Farouk and Najat aren't the only ones to write about their positive experiences at Madras. Mr. J. Swanson from Oregon in the U.S. benefited from Dr. Venkatachalam's expertise during his total knee replacement surgical procedure. After an auto accident in his youth, his doctors told James that he would experience severe arthritis in his knee.

True to their words, as James aged, the pain and limited range of motion and stability in his knee worsened. The pain in his affected knee made it extremely difficult for James to work. Ultimately, his knee collapsed and James was forced to quit work. His insurance company refused to pay for a knee replacement because they considered his condition a pre-existing one. "When I checked on the prices in the United States, I came up with prices in the neighborhood, on the low end, of $65,000 and on the upper end as much as $90,000." Needless to say, James could not, and did not, want to pay so much for a knee surgery.

James ultimately contacted Dr. Venkatachalam and discussed the latest in knee replacement prosthesis devices, called the Oxinium knee replacement. Following the surgery, James states, "I've had absolutely no complications at all. [The procedure] has been professionally handled from one end to the other." In fact, James has stated that if he ever needed another knee replacement, he'd go to India and Dr. Venkatachalam even if the procedure were offered free here in the U.S., so impressed was he with the professionalism and quality of care he received at Madras. James arrived in Chennai on crutches and left on his own two feet.

Nigerian Benefits from Madras Elbow
Mr. Harrison, a 25-year-old Nigerian, experienced the pain and severely limited range of motion and joint instability and weakness caused by a neglected elbow dislocation. He also traveled to the Madras Joint Replacement Center for treatment. Following elbow replacement surgery, Harrison can now flex and extend his elbow. He can eat and shake hands without pain. He, like many others, is very glad he traveled to India for his surgery, regained his function, and enhanced his quality of life.

PlacidWay Offers Access
Farouk and Najat, Mr. Harrison and James were all introduced to the Madras Joint Replacement center through the services of PlacidWay. "We're pleased to provide individuals from around the world affordable, accessible and excellent options for their joint health needs," states Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, an international medical provider and resource. "As more people experience positive outcomes like Farouk and Najat, James and Mr. Harrison, it's easy to see why medical tourism has become a viable option for individuals from the United States and around the world."

For more information regarding PlacidWay and it services, or the Madras Joint Replacement Center in Chennai, India, visit PlacidWay at www.placidway.com


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