Antiaging Treatment Clinic in Lugano

Dr. Nicolay Vorobiev is a world-famous doctor who focuses on stem cell therapies and programs to treat multiple chronic disease issues. Dr. Vorobiev?s latest venture took him to Lugano, Switzerland, where he has opened Swiss Medica Anti-Aging Treatment Clinic. The luxurious settings, well appointed accommodations and soothing atmosphere are just a few of the benefits provided by Swiss Medica Anti-Aging Treatment Clinic, a clinic that treats cosmetic as well as surgical problems to rejuvenation.

The facility is home to an anti-aging stem cell and placenta stem cell services that rely on the latest technologies in international stem cell research and pharmaceutical development. Swiss Medica anti-aging therapies, treatments and procedures focus on procuring stem cells from adipose tissue. Adipose tissue is, quite simply, fat. The focus on this aspect of stem cell research reduces ethical as well as religious obstacles or hurdles that many patients must overcome in order to benefit from the achievements of recent stem cell therapies and advancements in the field.

Because stem cells are taken from a person's own body tissues and cells, there is no risk of cross-contamination, infection, and organ or cellular rejection, as is common with other types of treatments. Full compatibility due to chromosome and gene structure will not compromise or cause issues in the patient. Reducing allergic responses or rejection as well as other immune responses when it comes to introducing one type of cell into another person's body is a primary focus of treatments and therapies today.

Dr. Vorobiev strives to create the safest and most effective environment for cosmetic and surgery or chronic disease related procedures and treatments with stem cell technologies. Utilizing a person's own cells, (known as autologous stem cells) also reduces the risk of cancer as well as cancer complications in already diagnosed patients.

According to Dr. Vorobiev, only small amounts of adipose tissue are necessary to release the necessary quantity of stem cells. Therefore, after activation, stem cells can be re-injected back into the patient without the need of laboratory growth and development.  "This treatment program will help rejuvenate your body, improve quality of life, and provide support for your body for a long period of time. We not only treat cosmetic and surgery related issues, but Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, autism, trauma, hepatitis and other conditions with stem cell therapy.?


About Swiss Medica

Swiss Medica Antiaging Treatment Clinic is located in Lugano, Switzerland. Facility staff focuses on providing medical services that treat severe disease processes with new medical techniques, technologies, and medicines.

Swiss Medica provides the latest in techniques and methodologies for skin care treatments and antiaging processes, focusing on utilizing treatments offered by nature herself and taking a multidisciplinary approach to treatments through the activation of cellular energy.

In addition to stem cell therapies, Swiss Medica Antiaging Treatment Clinic offers anti-aging and anti-inflammatory skin gels and injections. For more information about Swiss Medica, Dr. Vorobiev, and treatments and procedures offered at the facility, visit, an international medical provider and resource based in Denver, Colorado.