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Umbilical Hernia Surgery Package in Coahuila, Mexico

Package price starting from: $2500
Treatment: Laparoscopic Surgery
Associated Center: Laparoscopic Solutions
Rodrigo Andalon St # 112 Suite C
Colonia Burocratas, Piedras Negras, Mexico
Focus Area: Best Package for Hernia Surgery, Treatment of Umbilical Hernia

Affordable Cost of Hernia Surgery in Mexico

Umbilical Hernia Surgery

"Making state of the art surgery affordable"

  • Umbilical hernias in infants are congenital and are quite common; they close spontaneously in most cases by the age of 2 years. Those that persist after this age are required to be repaired surgically.
  • In adults, this type of hernia is largely acquired, there are more common in women and in patients with any condition that results in increased intra-abdominal pressure.
  • Generally, these types of hernias require such a small incision that laparoscopy is almost never the best option; therefore, we prefer to repair them by using "open or conventional" technique.
  • Defects greater than 1.1 inch (3 cm) require a "tension free repair", this means they are closed using a prosthetic mesh (to reduce the risk of recurrence and postoperative pain).

Package Includes:

  • Hospital (1 night)
  • Hotel (2 nights)
  • All ground transportation (one of our vans will take you from San Antonio-Eagle Pass- Hospital (Piedras Negras)- and then back to San Antonio)
  • Preoperative tests (e.g.: blood work, chest X-ray, EKG, etc), the amount of tests depend on the planned procedure, all are non invasive
  • All fees for the involved medical team
  • Surgery and all material needed depending on the size of your hernia (e.g. prosthetic mesh, etc)
  • Discharge medications
  • 24 hr support from Laparoscopic Solutions staff in the U.S. and Mexico, even after discharge.

*All Inclusive Packages

The costs are not subject to change even if they directly depend on the materials used for the procedure. Remember, no hidden fees!

  • During your first night stay in the hotel at Eagle Pass, TX, you can visit a nice mexican restaurant called "Parrillada San Miguel".
  • In Piedras Negras Mexico, if your recovery is average, you can go and take a walk (2 blocks away from the hospital) to the "Plaza de Las Culturas", which is a construction of three different pyramids as a tribute to our most important Pre-Hispanic civilizations such as Mayans, Aztecs and Olmecs. Besides you’ll find an esplanade, gardens and a musical fountain with light and sound.
  • Last but not least, whenever you arrive back to San Antonio you can visit the famous "Riverwalk"

Take advantage of our great prices! We estimate your savings will be of 50% or more in comparison to U.S. costs! We have managed to be able to offer the lowest prices even in comparison to other organizations/hospitals here in México; besides this, we are located on safe small border city with Texas, less than a mile from the U.S. Border!