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Top Dental Implants at Smile Studio in Rijeka, Croatia


Considering the fact that Croatia is a very attractive destination and that the health system in Croatia has top medical staff, the conclusion is easy and inevitable -  Croatia is definitely  one of the leading destinations for medical tourism.

Excellence and high professionalism characterize Smile Studio, a family-owned dental clinic located in Rijeka, Croatia. The clinic provides local and international patients top notch technology, highly trained team of experts and outstanding dental treatments and procedures, leading to successful outcomes. Besides this, the affordable prices and the beautiful Adriatic coast region will certainly give you  a reason to smile.


One of the treatments offered by Smile Studio in Rijeka, Croatia is Implantology, with procedures like:

Implantology is the youngest dental discipline that includes placement of dental implants into the upper or lower jawbone. Dental implants replace the root of the tooth, and with the process of osseointegration implants are connected to the bone, therefore a new ossification takes place and implants become one with the patient’s jawbone.

Implant therapy at Smile Studio, Rijeka, Croatia lasts depending on procedure. If there is enough bone structure then there are 4 sessions in total spread over:

  • 7,5 months if the implant is in upper jaw
  • 4,5 months if the implant is in lower jaw

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Smile Studio dental clinic, specialized in cosmetic dentistry, is certified for using the high quality products of the world renowned manufacturers specialized in the field of implantology systems, Nobel Biocare and Astra Tech, which help restoring a perfect smile and offer permanent solutions for issues like dental loss.

Also the Croatian dental studio uses for best outcomes in the dentistry field Swedish implants "Nobel Biocare" and "Alpha Bio" which are the most acknowledged implants in the world.

  • "Nobel Biocare" implants - lifetime guarantee and their prosthetic parts 5 year guarantee
  • "Alpha Bio" implants - 5 years guarantee as well as their prosthetic parts.

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Prices at Smile Studio in Rijeka, Croatia

Quality dental services can be obtained at considerable savings compared with the UK and other European countries and it is possible to combine a very enjoyable holiday with dental treatment which can be arranged in hours.

Dental Implant - €800  / $1,075
Dental Implant superstructure - €180 / $215


Smile Studio in Rijeka, Croatia guarantees:                               

  • Completely painless and safe placement of dental implants
  • Beautiful new teeth in just one visit to the dentist's office
  • Lifetime warranty on placed implants
  • A bright smile for a lifetime

 There is nothing more beautiful than to see someone smile, and there is no better feeling than laughing heartily.

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