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Multiple Sclerosis Live Cell Tretament at Regentime in Beirut, Lebanon

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment at Regentime in Beirut Lebanon 

Do you have a tingling sensation? How about muscle spasms or visual or sensory problems? These may be the signs that you might be suffering from MS (Multiple Sclerosis). MS is an autoimmune disorder affecting the central nervous system. The disease manifests itself as an inflammation of the insulating cover of the nerve cells in the brain and in the spine cord. This causes malfunctions in the communication between various parts of the nervous system.

The cause of MS is unclear, and to this day there is no clear treatment. MS can present itself as a series of attacks, between which the patient can show no symptoms. Due to this, a patient can show no signs of MS, but brain damage can occur nevertheless. Depending on the location of the affected nervous system part, patients can experience muscle weakness, very pronounced reflexes, difficulty in moving, difficulties with coordination and balance, problems with speech or swallowing, and bladder and bowel problems.

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment, Regentime, Beirut, Lebanon

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment - $12,000

The Regentime clinic has dedicated its efforts to studying and treating incurable disease like Multiple Sclerosis. Their main weapon against these types of diseases is live cell therapies. Under Dr. Nassim’s guidance, the entire staff is striving to ensure that these therapies are the next breakthrough, having the least or no side effects.

Regentime has established itself as a leading healthcare provider, offering both local and international patients innovative live cell treatments. Their highly qualified staff and top notch equipment are part of their world renowned calling card. The entire facility is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards in client satisfaction.

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