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State Of The Art Vertebroplasty In Pune, India

Sector 24, Tilak Road, Pradhikaran, Nigdi 411044, Pune, India

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Treatment :Orthopedic/Knee Surgery

By : Dr. Narendra Vaidya | Joint Replacement Specialist

Location : Sector 24, Tilak Road, Pradhikaran, Nigdi 411044 Pune, India

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Best Vertebroplasty Procedure In Pune, India


What is Vertebroplasty?

As our body goes older, our bones become fragile and bone tissue from the spinal vertebrae become smaller and smaller. This leads to pain in the back, to bent backs, instability and even fractures for the elder persons.

Before, there were only 2 treatments for fractures: a non-invasive one which kept the patient in bed wearing heavy belts and an open surgery with lots of risks. Nowadays,  the minimally invasive vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty are performed with the help of a needle, and a ballon, under local anesthesia and gives the patient the immediate relief of pain.

Why Choose Us?

Lokmanya has state of the art medical facilities and specialists in various faculties who are excelled in orthopaedics, cardiac care, surgery, medicine and other disciplines of modern and alternative (holistic) medicine. Lokmanya make these facilities available under one roof. Thus putting Lokmanya on the global health care map.

Lokmaya Hospitals had an extraordinary evolution. It began with a little hospital and was constantly updated till it become a whole chain with great ICU, CCU and Trauma Care. Intercity Consultants have completed this process with their rich management experience. The hospital from Nigdi (India) is equipped with a Level I Trauma Care, modern diagnostic equipments and also 14 mobile critical Trauma and Critical units, which are very useful due to traffics from India.

  • Cardiac Related Treatment & Surgery.
  • Orthopaedics, Joint Replacements, Spine Surgery.
  • Minimal Invasive Surgery.
  • Laser Surgery.
  • Cosmetic Surgery.
  • Brain Related complete Treatments.
  • Cancer Treatment.
  • Obesity Hypertension, Diabetes.
  • Holistic Medical Treatment kerla ayurvedic treatment.


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