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Max Healthcare in New Delhi, India Offers High Quality Treatments

Max Devki Devi Heart & Vascular Institute, 2 Press Enclave Road, Saket, New Delhi 110017, India
Specialty: Cancer Treatment, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, General Medicine, Heart Care/Surgery, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery
Focus Area: Cardiology | Obstetrics and Gynaecology | Orthopedics | Joint Replacement Surgery | Total Knee Replacement | Eye care | Pediatrics | Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery | Mental Health | Neuro Surgery | Vascular Surgery |

Max Healthcare Profile Overview

Max Healthcare is India's first truly integrated healthcare system, offering three levels of clinical service (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary) within one system.

Our Beliefs
The foundation of Max Healthcare is built on the belief that true health is achieved only when medical excellence is devoted to complete patient care. We at Max accept the challenge to cure the patient. Every facility at Max has been designed keeping the needs of the patient in mind. It is this conjunction of patient centric culture and technical superiority that secludes us from other institutions.

We believe in the concept of total patient care and deliver care by combining medical and service excellence. "Total Patient Care" is not only curing and managing the patients' disease but caring about their physical, mental and emotional self. Total Patient Care is about empathetic listening, offering choices and respecting our patients' medical and non-medical needs and concerns.

Max Healthcare is committed to quality care that not only addresses the illness but also concentrates on the overall wellness of the patients.

Comprehensive Healthcare System
Max Healthcare model visualizes setting up of a world-class healthcare model offering the best medical assistance delivered seamlessly through state-of-the-art medical facilities. The following is a list of Specialized centers that Max Healthcare offers:

  • Max Heart and Vascular Institute
  • Max Institute of Neuro Sciences
  • Max Institute of Orthopaedics
  • Max Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Max Institute of Paediatrics
  • Max Eye Care
  • Department of Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences
  • Institute of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Highlight of Our Services

  • Team of highly qualified and trained doctors, nurses and patient care personnel to provide the  highest standards of care
  • Latest medical equipment and hospital information system
  • Medical collaboration with Singapore General Hospital in areas of medical practices, research and training
  • Over 400 leading doctors, 280 corporate clients and a patient base in excess of 5,80,000
  • Clean and comfortable facilities at all locations
  • Fully computerized health records
  • 24 hour- Chemist, Ambulance, Patient Diagnostic and Emergency Services
  • Regular educational and health camps to help educate patients on various health issues, so that they make informed choices
  • Max Happy Family Plan- Annual Health Plans covering domiciliary medical needs
  • A complete preventive healthcare program - MAX 360
  • 24 Hour Emergency

International Patient Services Include:

  • Initial screening and diagnosis
  • Telemedicine evaluation and recommendation
  • International insurance cover, if applicable
  • Diagnostics and treatment at the hospital
  • Travel arrangements to Delhi on a turnkey basis - including visa, ticketing, pick-up at the airport, money transfer and exchange, ATM withdrawals
  • Interpretation services
  • Exclusive 'Help Desk' and a dedicated Relationship Manager to ensure smooth services
  • Boarding and lodging assistance to suit range of budgets
  • All arrangements for return journey

All requirements for food, local travel and stay for families/attendants will be attended to.

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Max Healthcare, New Delhi, India Profile Details

Our Vision:
To deliver world-class healthcare with a service focus, by creating an institution committed to the highest standards of medical & service excellence, patient care, scientific knowledge and medical education.

Our Mission:
To create unparalleled standards of medical & service excellence. Become the care provider of FIRST CHOICE. A principal choice for physicians. Ethical practices create national center of excellence for select super-specialties & build towards international ‘reach’ by creating patient confidence through professional skills, research and technology.

The following is a list of Specialized centers that Max Healthcare offers:

• Max Heart and Vascular Institute
• Max Institute of Neuro Sciences
• Max Institute of Orthopaedics
• Max Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology:
• Max Institute of Paediatrics
• Max Eye Care
• Department of Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences
• Institute of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery


  • Max Happy Family: Max Happy Family (MHF) comprise of Out Patient (day-to-day healthcare) benefit. This benefit is seamlessly delivered at all Max Facilities.
  • Maximum - Complete Maternity Packages: The welcome addition of a new baby to a family can be a time of great joy. At the same time, there can be moments of doubts and uncertainties in those nine months. This package is particularly aimed at working mothers and those living in nuclear units with little or no family support or guidance. Doctors and nursing staff at Max Hospital assume the role of the family during the hospital stay and guide the mother to be before, during and after the childbirth. Knowing beforehand what to expect can be of great help for the mother to be. Keeping this in mind, Max Healthcare has introduced Maximum - Complete Maternity Packages.
  • Max 360 - Max Preventive Health Program: At Max Healthcare we are totally committed to the age old adage 'Prevention is better than cure'. Our Preventive Healthcare Program is a comprehensive set of tests, which have been specially designed keeping in mind your needs.

Corporate Programmes:

  • Max Preventive Health Programmes: These are programmes specially tailored to the patient's age and lifestyle and help to identify risk factors and early signs of ailments like heart disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers. Though we have standard packages, we can customize these for corporations.
  • Pre-Employment Screening: These are customised packages based on the needs of corporate clients. The reports are delivered in confidence to the client within 48 hours.
  • Pre-Visa/Immigration Checks: These are customised packages designed for counselates who require visa seekers to undergo mandatory health checks.
  • Dr Maxâ„¢ Implants: Dr Maxâ„¢ Implants are dedicated centres that can be set up in corporate offices and factories to provide in-house medical care to employees. Currently, five Dr Maxâ„¢ Implants are functioning at different locations including Wipro Spectramind e-Services Pvt. Ltd. and National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), EXL Services and GE Capital (two).

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Max Healthcare Treatments Offered

Services & Specialties:

  • Joint Replacement Surgery:
    • state-of-the-art computer assisted Orthopedic Surgery
  •  Knee Replacement:
    • Total and Partial (Unicompartmental)
    • Fixed and Rotating Platform - Primary and Revision
    • Conventional and Minimally invasive surgery
  • Hip Replacement
    • Surface Hip replacement
    • Bone conserving (allows extra movements, such as sitting on the floor)
    • Partial and Total Hip replacement
    • Cemented, uncemented and hybrid hip replacement
    • Primary and revision Hip
    • Replacement (Redo of failed hips)
    • Metal on Metal Hip replacement
    • Ceramic Hip replacement
  • Shoulder Replacement
    • Partial and Total shoulder replacement
    • For arthritis and trauma
    • Primary and revision surgery
    • Replacement following tumour removal
  • Elbow Replacement
    • For arthritis patients
    • Primary and revision
  • Replacement of small joints of hand
  • Replacement of wrist joint
  • Replacement of big toe joint for twisted painful toes
  • Bilateral i.e. Both or any two joints replaced together as in Knees, hips or a knee and a hip
  • Replacement of small joints of hand
  • All type of Arthroscopic Surgeries of Knees and Shoulder joints (Including ligament reconstructions)
  • Complex trauma management (All types of fractures)
  • Sports injuries management
  • Surgeries of spine including those for disc, trauma, infection and deformities
  • Orthopaedic diseases and afflictions in children (Paediatric orthopaedics)
  • Max Heart and Vascular Institute: Max Heart & Vascular Institute is dedicated to the best in patient care and customer service. It is an internationally recognized Center of Excellence for all cardiac care and allied services.
  • Max Institute of Neuro Sciences: Max Institute of Neuro Sciences is a superspeciality tertiary care centre located at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket in South Delhi.The institute, boasts of high-end technology including the first integrated Brain - suite (most advanced neuro-surgical operating room with high field MR) first of its kind in Asia Pacific.
  • Max Institute of Orthopaedics: Max Healthcare has introduced a superspeciality Orthopeaedics and Joint Replacement Centre at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket in South Delhi. It has a team of highly experienced surgeons and world class equipments to deliver best in class medical care.
  • Max Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology: The Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology has been created to deliver world-class health care service to women. It is committed to the highest standards of medical and patient care with focus on service excellence.
  • Max Institute of Paediatrics: Max Institute of Paediatrics is one of the finest centers of childcare in the country today. The institute provides complete, compassionate, state-of -the-art health care services for children from birth to sixteen years of age (and older in some cases). Our vision is to be the leader in providing the best health care outcomes. The institute is a unique, one of its kind, one stop health care facility set up for the needs of all babies, children and teenagers in South East Asia.
  • Max Eye Care: Max Healthcare introduces Max Eye Care - a super-specialised centre for eye surgery in Panchsheel, South Delhi . This world-class eye care institution is conceptualized to deliver unparalled standards of medical & service excellence.
  • Department of Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences: The Department of Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences at Max Healthcare aims at creating an environment that promotes hope and trust amongst our clients, their families and the community at large. We aspire to improve the emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being of our patrons by providing effective and integrated Mental Health services. The department believes in serving with compassion, dignity and respect.
  • Institute of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery: Plastic Surgery is a specialized branch of surgery dedicated to the restoration of function and correction of deformities resulting from birth defects, cancer and trauma including accidents and burns. Cosmetic Surgery is an integral part of the specialty. It allows surgical correction of disproportion and rejuvenation of the effect of ageing.

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Max Healthcare Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

Our Medical Leaders:

Dr. S. K. S Marya is just one example of our many doctors that are certified professionals of their field.

Dr S. K. S  Marya heads the Max Institute of Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement Surgery in Saket, New Delhi, as the Director- Institute of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement Surgery.

An internationally renowned orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeon, his special areas of interest include Primary and Revision Joint Replacement Surgery. He specialises in Unicompartmental knee (Half Knee Joint), Bilateral Knee Joint Replacement (Both knees) and Complex Knee Replacement surgery. He has also pioneered the Surface Hip Replacement, a technique that allows patients a normal range of movements at the hip joint.

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Max Healthcare Awards & Recognitions

Medical Collaborations:

  • Harvard Medical International: all the processes followed at Max Healthcare were laid down in accordance with this Institution which is an arm of the Harvard Medical School.
  • Singapore Hospital: for clinical practice and research

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